Sunday, March 15, 2009

Spring Break

Well this last week was a busy one we did a lot of driving and spent a lot of time with family. Because it was Dave's spring break he wanted to head down to St. George spend some time with his brother and relax. So that's just what we did, but before we got to that we first stopped in Orem to support my little bro in being ordained an Elder which is so Awesome Im so proud and happy for him! And then headed to Vernal to my Uncle's funeral which wasn't so awesome but its always nice to spend time with the family and at a time like this you really remember what is important. I am so grateful for the family I have and the love and support we give to each other. My cousins are almost as close as actual siblings which made it a lot harder to watch them lose their dad but made me so glad I could be there for them when they needed us most. We love you guys!
After this we were really ready for some rest and relaxation so on to sunny St. George we went. We didnt do a whole lot down there but that is just what Dave wanted.. we went to the pool, took some walks, watched some baseball games,hung out with some friends and family,and did a little shopping, oh and how can I forget.. ate and ate(I feel like thats all I did). All in all we had a good time. And now we really cant wait for some warmer weather and summer,I tried to bring it home with me. But its coming I promise its just in the southern part of the state!!

The family after Nates thing

The Reynold's

The girl cousins (minus jodi, they had to go home)

Haha look how cute Jeff is

Jeff, Meg, Gma Bev and Dad

Everyone from Vernal knows of this place.. I didnt know there is one in St. George

Dave. Alisha

At dinner

Alisha. Sophie

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Funny Man!!

On Friday night one of the funniest guys was good enough to come to little old Logan and make us laugh our butts off. (Oh how I wish this was really true, how great would it be if you could really laugh your butt off. If you could really lose weight by laughing it would make everyone happy and healthier its a win, win. If only!) Anyway.. We were able to go see Brian Regan and have a great time maybe not enough to lose our butts but make our faces sore from laughing.

His action and facial expression make him even funnier!

You would think that Dave would look a little more excited to be there cause of how much he likes this guy.

We would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for a good laugh. Unless your my sister-in-law Michelle:)