Monday, July 14, 2014

Bear Lake and Cherry Hill

Like I said a whirlwind!! As if having a new baby, the in-laws coming home, a blessing, and moving wasn't enough we decided to throw a couple family activities in there. The boys and I went to Bear Lake for one night the week we moved. I figured for the first overnight with both kids and not having Dave there one night was enough plus we weren't even un-packed and I was trying to re pack. But it was worth it, we had a good time and my family was so good to help with the boys, it was much easier than I planned.
Then we had our annual Cherry Hill trip the next weekend. Parx LOVES that place. Both boys came home wiped out!!



This month has been a Whirlwind to say the least. I have just decided that life isn't going to slow down so I might as well jump in and try to hold on while having as much fun as we can along the way.

Parx sneaking up the stairs during "nap time"
Little Hendrix
Brothers playing the Ipad
Cousins Hendrix and Grace
Moving AGAIN! The 7th time in our marriage so far, this time we had great little helpers
Mamas and babies
Grandma and babies
Grace's birthday activities, gunny sack racing, shooting, three legged race
You would think I was asking Parx to give up his brother not take a picture with his cousins from those pictures.
Hanging in the kitchen taking pictures
Cousins t-ball game
Swinging with Dad
Helping around the house with painting
Helping set up the tramp
Helping fix the baby seat
Morning cartoons
Just hanging out
Many faces of Hendrix
The first time Hendrix rolled over it was right onto a car and got a big scratch on his forehead
Napping with Mom (this is something I know I will miss one day)
Relaxing on Mom and Dads bed
Shaved Ice
Summer movies
Painting nails
Zoo story time
Jumping on the tramp before bed
Dino Shirt
Parx was all ready for Cherry Hill the night before with his goggles and pool toys
Cousin time, holding hands
Nap time/ stroller ride
Playing trucks outside
Dinner at second damn, Parx of course got soaking wet from throwing rocks in the water and waiting out to far hence him climbing a tree in nothing but his diaper and then a sweatshirt in June








I can only imagine Parx is wondering why
Tessa is crying over getting her picture taken?

I love Parx and Berlyn laughing