Sunday, September 29, 2013

The other day we tried to turn on the heat and it was only blowing cold air. So I called Dave and he said he would take a look when he got home later that night. While I was giving Parx his bath Dave came in with the pipe from outside and told me to look at what was blocking the air flow, of course I didn't want to for fear that it was going to be a mouse or something gross. But no it was rocks!! Ha I couldn't help but laugh, and we both said how did we not see that one coming. I know Parx spent all summer putting rock where he shouldn't but had forgot about that (both Dave and I remember seeing him putting them there and told ourselves to remember come fall) As much as we tried to stop him from doing it we ended up with a pipe of rocks. Hahaha funny boy!

Friday, September 27, 2013

You will never
have this day
with your child
Today is a gift.
Breath and
Study their little
 face and feet.
Relish the charms
of the present.
Enjoy today
mama, it will be gone
before you
know it.
-Jan Hatmaker
The other day it took us One hour and 18 minutes to walk 3 miles, the last 2 blocks took 45 of those minutes. Why....

We had to pick up every stick and throw every rock we could find of course. 

Monday, September 16, 2013


"Where were you when the world stopped turning that September day?!?!?"

This is a day our children and grandchildren will learn about in school. Which they should, it was a day that changed history that ruined lives and one of the biggest events to probably take place during my life time. Because of this I wanted to write down what I remembered of it.
 like many other people I remember that day or at least parts of it. I was in 10th grade. The first plane hit between classes so when I walked into I believe my third period Mr. Lance had the TV on and was watching it, the few kids that were in class were also just staring. Honestly at first I thought it was a movie we would be watching that day but then I noticed that it was a news cast. We spent the next hour just watching as it unfolded.
After class as I walked through the halls that's all everyone was talking about no one could really believe what was happening. In one way it felt so far from home but at the same time we knew it wasn't that it could of just as easily happened anywhere. But still I didn't fully comprehend just how bad it, or what had just been put in motion I was a normal 15year old who was into her own life, but it didn't take long to understand. The rest of the day and pretty much the next few days were spent watching the news and watching the bad get worst. But just like every horrible event that ever happens you can always find the good! To see how many people jumped into action, who enlisted to the service to protect our country, the Amazing memorial and the healing that has comes from it.

I am truly proud to be an American and even more so of the Brave people that Serve. That is a day we will never forget but will do everything possible to stop something like it from happening again.

 Alisha asked me to wright my memory of the events of Sept,11. This is a day I will never forget for the rest of my life. I was a senior at Sky View.  I was a student aid for my first two periods and the teachers told me that day that I didn't need to come to class. I decided to sleep in that day and was surprisingly woke up by my mom screaming we are under attack!!!  I remember thinking she was just playing a joke on me to get me to wake up. I laid in bed until she came back down to talk more about what was going on.  To my surprise when I went upstairs to eat breakfast the TV was on and talking about the plane colliding with the first building.  I sat down to listen and watched as the second plane flew in and collided with the second building.  I couldn't believe what I was watching.  I sat in disbelief until I had to go to school. Every class I went to we sat and watched the live coverage on TV. It was the worst terrorist on US soil ever!  The men and women that died that day will never be forgotten.  America was hurt, but came together and became stronger!!!

I was really nervous to get pregnant again for a handful of reasons, one of the biggest ones was that I was nervous for Parx (I hear it's called "first kid syndrome") not for him to have a sibling, I know he is going to be a wonderful big brother but going through the pregnancy with me. Not only do I get sick but I kinda get short tempered.
I have done my best to keep it in check but between that and some days just wanting to lay on the couch and sleep I have felt like a horrible mom. That's what I feared the most.
 But he has been a champ, the absolute best! And we're just dealing with everything else as it comes.
But after the feelings and promptings we knew it was time no matter how scared we were to do it. And couldn't be happier!

Other than that I think it has been a normal pregnancy for me. Nausea but no vomiting, exhaustion, cutting back on exercising, cramping (more so than last time), showing a lot sooner I know it happens more with each kid but also I guess because of where my placenta is placed it also helps/causes that. Time really has gone by a lot faster this time around which I'm liking.
We really are so excited to be having another child and cant wait to hear little one is going to be little sister or brother. Everyone is thinking/saying girl.

July 8th Found out I was pregnant

Sept 1 told Merkley family
Sept 8 told Webb family, I was so proud of myself for keeping it this long this time

Sept 3 First Doctor appt, I love seeing the baby on the ultra sound. He/ She moved Maybe once the whole time.
Sept 11 had a little bit of a scare, everything turned out just fine. and got a 2nd ultra sound and again just a couple movements. With Parx he was moving everytime we saw him. I'm not holding my breath that this means this child will be calm or mild, they will have to keep up with brother.

Love Parx.

Hey everyone this is Parx. I know this blog is mainly about me but I had something I wanted to share with you....
I will be sharing this blog very soon along with just about everything else..

Watch out world mama is due with number Two.

This is how Daddy found out. We sent him a text message.

And this is how the rest of the  family found out... It took a little while for them to notice it


Wait... Uh- Oh.

The more I think about it, the less I'm sure.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Summer Bucket List 2013

Make bird feeders
Play in the "ocean"
Un-popable bubbles
Cherry Hill
Make a water bed
Outdoor story time
Feeding the ducks
Bike rides
Make a fort
Camp moms style
Mini golf
Have a photo shoot
Have a pretend drive in
Do service projects
Go to a Bees game
Hill Air Force Base air show (canceled)
Tony Grove
Fish hatchery

We didn't get all of the things on the list but we added a few different ones along the way. But I still want to post this to have ideas for later, and we still have a little time that we could get to some of them this fall??

Friday, September 6, 2013

Bigelow Reunion

Over Labor Day we took off and headed to the Strawberry pinnacles for the Bigelow family reunion. As usual we had a great time minus the late night and I mean Late! Parx figured out how to climb out of his pack and play, so he thought it was play time all night long! It was seriously the worst night of my life. So because of it we cut the trip short and didn't stay the second night but played hard enough on Sunday to make up for it, throwing rocks in the water, jumping on the bed, playing ball, throwing more rocks, .
It's always fun to see that side of my family because we don't get to very often, but when we do its always good time.

Grandpa Larry and Grandma Rose

Telling stories about each other
This was our clue for the adult treasure hunt
Dave found it and then lost his money with
an all or nothing bet.



The guys playing horse shoes

The girls playing board games

Money treasure hunt

Nate went for a ride on the merry go round


These little cousins played so good together all weekend.

This is what happens at 2 am when your kid wont sleep,
you have a snack