Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving and Farewells

We had a way fun Thanksgiving this year with Daves side of the family it was very busy and crazy. We had a house full of 10 adults, 9 kids and 3 dogs so it was a lot of togetherness and family time.We had lots and lots of food, fun and games in fact on night Dave and I put on the Amazing Family Race for the family which was really fun. We just made up the clues and told them what to do, it turned out great and they had an awesome time.
Homebase team

Red team
Orange Crush
Pink chilllaxers
Alan, susan, lisa, bryan, greg, jake, tiff, morgan, lori, josh, kimi, amerbly, zach, and alli
Bryan and Lisa took first, Jake and Tiff second and The parents came in third.

I think this was our third turkey dinner..

Me and Morgan

Then on Saturday we took family pictures. I think they turned out great!! and dont mind how happy Greg looks he was just so happy to be there he couldnt contain himself.

And on Sunday Alan and Susan had their mission farewell which was great they gave wonderful talks we are so proud of them!
Josh and Lori

Greg, me and Dave kimi, bryson, caden and dave
Me and Dave Our missionaries

Plus sometime in this crazy weekend I found time to put up my Christmas tree and decorations so bring on Christmas and the craziness with the Merkleys!!
Happy Thanksgiving!!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I am grateful for..

Its that time of year, when you look at your life and reflect on things your grateful for. As I have been doing this for the last couple weeks I dont know where to start; I have SO much to be grateful for. I know you can always find something to complain about and Im pretty good at this when I want to be. So in the holiday spirit Im going to put this bad habit at bay and make my list of things that bless my life:

  • the most important, Dave my wonderful husband! He truly is the BEST husband for me.
  • the Gospel
  • missionaries (especially when they are members of your family)
  • family
  • health
  • jobs
  • exercise and running
  • my sewing/surger machine
  • tv
  • sweats
  • laughter, people that make me laugh
  • friends
  • food, especially junk food
  • shopping (clothes, not grocery's)
  • Hawaii
  • traveling
  • living in the USA
  • our troops
  • toothbrushes
  • nail polish
  • hot baths
  • running water

any many many more things. We hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving!!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Disney on Ice

Last weekend we went with Daves family to Disney on Ice and it was Awesome. Disney always gives 110% they have the best costumes, skaters/dancers, and just do a all around good job on anything they do. Kimi was so nice and got a suite for all of us to sit in while we watched the show which made it even more fun, I think I enjoyed the show just as much as the kids did. Thanks Kimi! your amazing!

Dave and I
Grandpa and the Grandbabies
Dave and Josh
Watching the magic
Kimi, Lori, and I
Snow white and the seven dwarf
All the Princesses
Bell (the best)
Seven Dwarf
Little Mermaid
Fairy Godmothers

Sunday, November 8, 2009

V Town

This last weekend we headed out to Vernal for a few different reasons
A: Nate my little bro went through the temple
B: We did a Christmas boutique
C: We haven't gone out for a few months
It was such a great weekend we had a lot of fun (no surprise) being with the family, playing games, staying up late talking and laughing at stories of us like when Megan and the cat shared a toothbrush:) and just enjoyed each others company. As for the boutique I cant say it was the best thing so, it was a good thing we had each other to pass the time. And also it was so special to be there with my little brother on his special day. I am so proud of him and his choice to go on a mission, he is my hero and I look up to him so much and am going to miss him like crazy!
All the family that was at the temple; Jesse, Justin, Ashley, Gma Rose, Gma Bev, Mom, Nate, Dad, Michelle, Sid, Me, Dave
Dave, Nate and I
Getting set up
Hanging out visiting
Michelle, Jami, Jilli, Ash, Jill, Autumn, Me, Megan

The end results of our crazy wild weekends: Gma Julie and Lincoln out like lights ( yes, that is a flash light in her hand I guess they were star gazing before they fell asleep or something??)

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween and Prom 2009

At work we dress up for Halloween every year and this year was no different. Its nice to not have to wear scrubs everyday but I dont know that I would want to do this everyday either haha...

Lora (angel) Cori (pocahontas) Deon (witch) Me (50's girl) Tiff (Tinkerbell) Val (treehouse mascot) Diane (cowboy) Chelsie (grape) Linds (Harley momma)

Lindsay, Me and Val
Cori, me and Chelsie
Chels and I

Then later that night our friends Becky and Jason had their annual Halloween Party.This year with the theme of Prom night. It was such a fun party with lots of pictures, dancing and a rocking 80's dress!!

Putting our flowers on

The Whole group
Us in the classic prom pose

The guys

The gals

The rockin dress
Busting a move, and no Im not glowing the red light was shining on me

Saturday for Halloween we spent the day hanging out baking making cup cakes and caramel apples. Later we went to our wards trunk or treat and stopped by to see the kids in their costumes.

Susan and I with our delicious apples

Dave and his dad as flowers:)

Morgan, Allie and I

Morgan, Caden, Allie and Lori being eating by the monster
Susan (witch) Me (big daddy)and our monster
Batman, Robin and I

Sunday we headed down to SLC for Addie's baby blessing. It was such a fun weekend and really nice to get to see so much of the family!

Addie Dave and I
Josh and I
Me Addie and Amberly
Aunt Kimi