Sunday, December 18, 2011

O Christmas Tree

Parx has LOVED playing with the tree this year. He knows when he heads towards it and I call after him that he shouldnt be doing it and will give me "the look".

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Run, Run as fast as you can. You cant catch me Im the gingerbread Man

I LOVE all the holiday activities, every one of them! And this year has been even more fun with Parx. I know he doesn't understand whats going on, but I sure enjoy showing him the lights, watching Christmas movies with him, playing Christmas music and dancing to it.
So to keep the Holiday spirit rolling we had the family over to make gingerbread houses. The kids loved it. We even shared a couple of Christmas stories to teach the real meaning of Christmas which was kinda hard with some of the kids ages, but still, its the thought that counts.

I can't say it enough of how much I truly enjoy these girls (and Doctors). I have made some very dear friends from working at Treehouse and I am so grateful for that and everything else I have gotten from this job. If I can even call it that.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

9 months

Everyone tells you how fast time goes by once you have kids, but of course you don't really get it until you have them of your own. I truly can't believe Parx is 9 months. Just the last couple of days I have noticed how much bigger and taller he seems. He is becoming more of a little boy than a baby and it truly is bitter sweet. I'm really not sad about it, I'm looking forward to the next mile stones and love watching him learn.

19lbs 15.5oz-40%


  • I no longer rock you to sleep. You do it on your own. (You were doing so good until this last week, were kinda going backwards). Somedays it takes you 5min and others it takes a LOT longer. It is still a work in progress but were getting there.
  • Your crawling everywhere. You follow me from room to room.
  • You love playing in the bathroom when I get ready.And if I ever go in there without you, you come find me with in seconds.
  • You play by yourself really well. You will play in your room getting all your books out, pulling toys out and just exploring. You play with doors and often shut your self in and start screaming that's when I have to come help you out.
  • You always have a bruise on your head due to being so mobile. Currently you have 3.
  • You walk in circles around the coffee table.
  • You would rather stand than anything. When we try to sit you down you arch your back and fight it.
  • Your top teeth are SO close to coming through. I wish they would already. I think they are causing you some stress.
  • When you hear music you dance. It's SO cute. We first started noticing it with the 2 and a Half Men theme song but now it's to anything you shake and wiggle.
  • You still like watching TV we even bought some kid learning DVD's but of course you don't like those as much as normal shows.
  • You re in to EVERYTHING. You pull the decorations off the bookshelf's, things out of the entertainment center, decorations off the Christmas tree. Everything and Anything.
  • Everything goes in your mouth we have to watch you constantly
  • You are no longer nursing. You got a little cold or something and started fighting me when you didn't feel good. But once you got better you still didn't want anything to do with me. Which I was ok with until you wouldn't do formula either!! So after a week of mom stressing and a visit to talk to Dr. Overy you are now drinking pediaSure and doing much better. (a week after turning 9mo)

We loved you before we knew you even when there was just the hope of you- We loved you!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Nap time

Nap time around here has been a joke lately. Some days Parx will nap Awesome, two naps for a couple of hours for both. Other days we just fight sleeping. Or will take an hour or so to fall asleep. I don't get it. I wonder if we need to just switch to one nap but I still think he is to young for that.
Anyway it does make for some interesting entertainment while watching him on the monitor. He plays,rolls, growls, spits, climbs, kicks, chews on the crib, and sometimes even bangs his head on his crib.

I just don't get when you're little and CAN nap you WONT! But when your older you WANT to nap and CANT!!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Webb Christmas Party

The Webb Christmas Party was in Logan this year. Which was wonderful because we were able to go. We had a great time chatting with everyone and catching up. We are lucky to have such a fun family and really need to see them more often. There are so many young kids on that side that I know Parx will love playing with all of them through the years.