Sunday, August 30, 2009

Top of Utah 1/2 marathon

Date: Aug 29th, 2009
Time: 1:59
Distance: 13.1

On Saturday I ran the TOU 1/2 with a few friends from work and some of my family. I knocked off a few mins from my last years time and will try again next year, maybe. It was really fun and I hope to do it again. Thanks everyone for running with me.

Lind's and I crossing the finish line

Linds, Val and I. I love these girls!

Sid, Me, Dad and Justin

Me and My dad

Me and the in-laws

My family

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Dave's little piece of heaven

This last week some friends invited us to go boating with them it was really fun and Dave was in absolute heaven. It was a great way to spend our last weekend of the summer since Dave starts school this week!! Good Luck honey. I love you.

Sunday, August 16, 2009


My parents were kind enough to invite us to Kauai Hawaii this year with them on vacation through their time share, it was such a fun/amazing Island that is so pretty. I would highly recommend it to everyone.
We left on Friday and traveled for 14 hours (with the time difference) it was such a long day. But we finally made it to the Garden Island...

Saturday we got up, went shopping and headed to the beach to do some snorkeling where we literally ran into a sea turtle (Dave kicked him) so we swam with the turtle awhile before heading in and over the coral where we got all cut up, everyone of us got out of the water bleeding. Good thing it was a turtle we saw and not a shark.

Breakfast at Joe's on the Green

The view out our condo

The boys boogie boarding

Thanks mom for the implants;)
Me and Jodi

The girls

Sunday was church then we went to Kipu fall which is a really neat waterfall that you can jump off in to a little waterhole, it also has a rope swing that you can swing off. That night we went to the Hyatt Luau where they had lots of good food and awesome dances that ended with the man of fire...


Getting ready to jump
Dave jumping
On the rope swing
The parents swimming.. check out that tree
Dad on the swing
Walking to the waterhole
Before we jumped
After we jumped, this place was awesome.
At the luau

The view in the Hyatt, Awesome!

Some of the dance

The man of fire

The dancers after the show

Monday we set off into the ocean on a catamaran boat ride with Holo Holo Charters where we saw dolphins, sea turtles and fish. It was such pretty scenery up along the Na Pali Coast. It was really fun except for the part that I got sick and threw up(this is when I realized I will never go on a Cruise) Although I won't ever go on a boat ride again it was a good one time thing. After the boat ride we headed up to Waimea Canyon which is a lot like the Grand Canyon and is not green like the rest of the Island. Then we went to the beach and waited for the sunset we played in the big ocean waves and got a little more than we bargained for (at least Dad and Jesse did).

On the boat watching the dolphins


Na Pail Coast

The guys
The gals
Na Pali Cost

Wiamea Canyon

They have beautiful sunsets over there...

Playing in the waves
Warming up to the water
Getting closer
This big Kauna
Dave and Jesse

Tuesday we went to another beach did some more snorkeling and then headed to zip lining in the forest it was so green and pretty from all the rain they get over there every night.


Suring the waves
Zip lining

Dave crossing the bridge (our guides told us 1 out of 100 people cross the bridge without hands, I dont know that I believe them the guys did it) Ps how do you know when your tour guide is lying to you ... his lips are moving!
Dave coming in..
Dave and Kyle
The Big Kahuna
Check out the view not me.
Walking to another line
All of us
Climbing King Kong

Wednesday the weather wasn't the best, so our kayaking trip was canceled so we did a little sight seeing we went to Wailua Falls and met the Coconut man. Then went and toured one of the old plantation it was a really big pretty old home that they have now turned into shops and a restaurant.

Our resort

Wailua Falls

Us and our Coconuts

A little friend that was Everywhere.
The plantation tour

The very shy plant
Everytime you touched it, it would close up

Thursday the weather again was crappy so we just took it easy hung out at the beach did some snorkeling and went to Spouting horn its where the lava rock meets the ocean and the water has washed away some holes to were it just shoots out now.

More snorkeling (they were following a sea turtle)

Tiki Men
So pretty

Spouting Horn

Friday we took a slow boat ride up Waimea river up to the fern grotto, did a little more shopping and headed to the air port to come back home:(

Us on the boat ride
The entertiment
The path to the fern
At the fern


Singing the "Wedding Song"

Dave, Me, Jodi and Jesse

The wishing tree
Making our wishes
Banna tree

This cat has lived at the Fern Gotto for 17 years through all the storms and everything

We had a WONDERFUL time. Thanks Mom and Dad Merk we are so greatful for you guys and cant wait to go back!
P.S. this is how you get the weather in Kauai.