Thursday, March 31, 2011

How am I going to lose my left over baby weight when I cant stop eating these things!! For real. When Dave saw how many I bought he said it was time for an intervention and I agree. I blame it on the fact that the weather is still cold and RSV is still out there so we don't get out much. So for this S.H.A.M I really do sit home eating bon-bons (or in my case junior mints pastels) Spring and warm weather cant come soon enough!

Friday, March 25, 2011

2 Weeks, Friends, and Sports

Last Friday Parx had his 2 week Dr appt he weight in at 8lbs 1oz, a pound above his birth weight. He is 20 inches long which is 1/2 inche more. So he is for sure growing and getting the food he needs. It was confirmed that his hammer toes will stay that way but shouldn't give him any trouble (thanks a lot aunt kimi). And everything else looks and sounds great. He still continues to be a good baby, more so during the day were still working on the nights. He loves to have his hands up by his face and when he folds them its the cutest thing ever. He makes the cutest faces when he is sleeping and even though I know he doesn't mean to smile I love seeing it. He doesn't take a bottle or binki very good from mom (he knows what she really has). He lights up when his Dad talks to him and spends time with his little buddy.
We sure love our little guy and enjoy every day we get with him!!

We also got to go visit our friends Laci and Treavi (remember her, born the same day as Parx and possible his future girlfriend.) It was fun to get out and visit and see the babies together. I'm excited for the warmer weather so we can get out and hangout with them more.

Then on Monday Spencer Larsen the starting Full Back of the Denver Broncos came to Sub Zero so we took Parx to get an autograph and picture with his first pro sports player.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Newborn Pictures

After 4 times of trying to get some newborn pictures of Parx we finally did it. Not all of them turned out how I had hoped but Ill take what I can get since its just getting harder and harder every time we try.
This boy will be out like a light, I pull out my camera and he wakes right up. Someone needs to inform him his mom likes pictures and takes a lot of them so the sooner he gets with the program the better!

Friday, March 18, 2011

How Lucky.

How lucky am I that I get to hangout with him all day?!?!
Its amazing how much we love him more and more each day!

Family Pictures

We did a min photo shoot with our new little family today and attempted to do some newborn pictures. But Parx wasnt having it, so well try another time for him. Until enjoy the family pictures.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Welcome to Motherhood

This morning Parx had a Dr appt to have a circumcision (which well get to in a minute) and have his bilirubin checked. I was a little nervous for our first outing and getting there on time so I made sure to give us plenty of time this morning and did really good, or so I thought. On the way driving to the office I looked down and realized I still had my house slippers on! I just kinda laughed and told my mom guess what Im wearing... my house slippers! She just started laughing and said Welcome to motherhood! Honestly I didnt care and knew the girls at the office wouldnt care either if anything they would just laugh at it. At his appt the little man did awesome but as for me I cant say the same. Its amazing to be on the other side. Being the mom vs the help. Its never affected me to watch/help with circumcisions but just knowing what they were doing to my little boy got to me. I couldnt even go back and watch I had to sit in the other room and just wait. As for the bilirubin it has gone up even more and so he is now on bili lights. He doesnt seem to mind them so much unless its night and then hes not such a fan. Other than that things are wonderful. Parx has been such a good baby, he hardly crys unless he is hungry and even than its more of a whimper than anything or when I change a diaper and thats a little more of a cry, he also pees about every time I get his diaper off and it soaks his outfit. So we go through a lot of clothes, but if thats the worst thing Ill take it. We are all just doing our best to adjust and are loving this new little spirit we have been blessed with. The other night I was feeding Parx and Dave was sleeping next to me and I was over come with this feeling of gratitude for the boys in my lives. I am so thankful to my Heavenly Father for my little family.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Baby Parx Story

I had a Dr appt on Thursday morning and was 4cm and 60ish percent thinned out. The Dr asked if I wanted to have my membranes stripped and even though I had just had it done on Tue and nothing happened I thought why not. About an hour after my appt I started having back pain but nothing to bad, and my contractions were stronger but still so spread out. As the day went on things got worse and stronger but everyone kept saying just stay home and wait a little more. After talking to my mom on the phone and having a mini break down I knew it was more than just false labor. But I was still scared to head to the hospital.

So when Dave got home from work we ate dinner and talked. He told me to pray about it and maybe take a bath. So thats just what I did and in the bath I just had a feeling this little boy was ready to come and my fears were calmed right away. So we packed up and headed in to the hospital around 9. I was afraid we would get there and they would send us home but they didn't. It was a slow night and I think our nurse was happy to have something to. It took about an hour to get us all settled in and when she finally checked me I was still a 4 but thinned out more. There were only 2 other girls on the floor with us (which one ended up being our good friends the Buttars) and the other was in labor so they said after she was done that Dr could just come in and break my water. So around 12:00 that happened and they started pit. At 12:30 I got a drug through my IV which was a big mistake it made me SO sick, the room started spinning, I was hot and flushed, and I couldnt stop puking. So after about 2 hours of that I got checked again and was a 5 and 90%. I got my epidural and tried to relax for a little while at this point. Then around 3ish I got checked again and was a 7. At 5 checked again and was "complete". So at this point they have you try to rest and relax while the baby drops. Which didn't happen, this was the longest hour of the whole process. At 6 they came in and got the room ready for delivery and had me start pushing, after two pushes the nurse said "Ok so I want you to push but just not so hard, I don't want to delivery this baby" I couldn't help but think how am I going to push without pushing him out. So we did that 2 more times and the Dr walked in, again 2 more pushes and he was out.
It was the most amazing feeling to one have him out and the "pressure" to be gone but more than anything it was looking at this beautiful little baby and know he was ours! Dave went with him to clean up and things and I just watched my boys thinking wow I love them both so much!! They let Dave carry him to me and just cuddle him for a few minutes.
He came out crying and kept that up for almost an hour, but once I feed him he was as content as could be and has been since (I know it might not last, so Im enjoying while I can) He lets us know when he is hungry or needs something but other wise he just lets us love on him.
We already feel so blessed by this new little spirit and are so grateful that the Lord has trusted us with him and the joy he brings to our family!