Saturday, November 30, 2013

Christmas Party #1

Literally right after Thanksgiving was over we moved on to Christmas and had the Webb Christmas party. We had good food, good games, good times and even a good photo booth for some fun pictures.

Bryan Actually torn a phone book in half!


This year Bryan and Lisa were sweet enough to have us down to their house and we had a great time. Wonderful food and a day of fun with the family.
Like most people I love the holidays and this time of year. I know we should always be grateful and remember what's important but sometimes we need an actual reminder and its nice to have that. To have that time when we either make a mental note or an real one of things we are blessed with and grateful to have.
 Once upon a time Thanksgiving wasn't just about giving thanks but a day of prayer also, which is ironic because that is one thing I am very grateful for. The chance to pray to Heavenly Father when ever, where ever I need about Anything! Along with all the other blessing I have my family, friends, health, the country we live in, the gospel and many many more.
Now bring on Christmas!!




Wednesday, November 27, 2013



I honestly can not believe it is already November. I feel like I just flipped the calendar to October and was excited to see Disneyland on it. But now that has not only come but gone. I don't like to think that next month is the last of this year and we are flying into winter. The ONLY good thing about time going so fast is this pregnancy is going right along with it. Although I'm so not ready for two kids and returning back to the little freedom you have with a newborn. Oh well, no turning back. there is absolutely nothing we can do about that now, so well just enjoy the time we have now.

Enjoying the last of the nice weather with a walk
A requested photo shoot on the slide, with Dad and uncle Greg
McDonald's with cousins
"Working" with Uncle Greg
Waking up from a nap
Mom and Parx
November crafts... Thankful Turkey and pumpkins
It doesn't matter how cold it is outside he still wants to play and take walks
Helping make Thanksgiving treats