Monday, July 27, 2009

July 24th

For the 24th this year we stuck around home and hung out with family, played and watched movies. I got to participate in my first lawn mower parade which was like nothing Ive ever experienced. A few years back Daves family started this tradition of decorating their lawn mowers and driving them up and down the street its really funny to see what some of the neighbors come up with...
Kimi S.I.L drove our lawn mower and pulled Taya, Zach, and Josh(aka Deets) around... they loved it!

Then that night we had a little firework show of our own.

We also did a little camping (or what I like to call camping) up and back in the same day haha. Anyway we went and had dinner made smores and played games.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Park City

Every year my parents use their time share somewhere in Utah so that all the kids can come and stay a few days.. so this last weekend Dave and I headed down for a little R&R. It was so nice to just hangout and enjoy ourselves. I didnt take a lot of pictures cause I was busying being lazy but here's a few..

Dave checking out the view

Playing at the pool

We needed a cool treat after a hot day at the pool
Thanks mom and dad for letting us come hang out with you guys it was really fun.

Sunday, July 12, 2009


On Saturday we were itching for a little fun in the sun so we headed down to Seven Peaks to met my brother Nate and sister Megan with some friends. We definitely had fun but not much sun... it wasn't the best weather a few cloud and a little rain but we still had a great time. Thanks for coming it was fun to see you guys and spend some time together

Us relaxing Catching some rays

Waiting in line..
The girls on the boomerang its the best ride, but they don't seat belt you in huh meg;) The guys

The guys after the ride
Us coming out of a ride

Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th of July

We are so grateful for this holiday and what it stands for. We are thankful to live in America and are proud of those who defend our Country and what we stand for! We had a great time celebrating the 4th this year with family and friends. On Friday we went to CVO (Dave's work) and had a big BBQ before watched the fireworks. Then Sat morning I ran the Hyrum Freedom Run with a friend, had another BBQ with the family, hung out played games, then ended the the night with our own fireworks. It was a fun relaxing weekend a good way to spend the holiday.

Fireworks @CVO

Ash and I
Daves Family

All the kids playing with there glo sticks

Yum cotton candy
Dave and I
Playing with our fireworks

Dave landing after jumping a fire work
Me clearing my firework

Watching fireworks Dave and Greg
Lindsay and I after the race (Thanks for doing it with me girl!)