Tuesday, June 28, 2011

All night tournament

We headed out to Vernal for the weekend so the boys could play baseball all night. Sounds fun right?? Well it must be cause they do it almost every year and I guess it's worth it when they win like they did this year. They are the camps of the "Power division".
No one gets much sleep between the late night games and all the loud, crazy kids. So we sleep where we can when we can. It's crazy, but we must enjoy it because we keep coming back for more.

Daddy Dave Day

When I told Dave what I wanted for mothers day he ask oh are we starting that already?? I laughed and said YES. I'm a mother now. So I figured we also had to do fathers day right? So Parx gave him a t-shirt and some treats. We had a good Sunday dinner and just enjoyed each other.
Dave is such a good dad. He can get Parx laughing so hard it so fun to watch those two together. I cant believe how he already knows mom does what he needs and feeds him and dad plays with him and is his fun buddy. He loves his daddy so much!!

I love these little legs and all the rolls on them!!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Cherry Hill

We headed to Cherry Hill yesterday, to enjoy some of the nice weather with some of the family. It was perfect.