Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Were in LA Trick!

Wow what a whirlwind adventure I just had with all my sisters and cousin,s it might as well be sisters cause were all just as crazy. We took off for a little adventure to see Melissa (cousin) that lives in LA for a few days and what a little adventure we had. Really I dont know what I expected with all these girls but nothing could have matched our trip.

Day1 we started out with a bang we all met in SLC to eat and when Autumn walked in she informed us she had left her wallet in vernal kinda important since she needed her ID and hello money!! So after we headed back to Park City to meet her mom to pick it up. But dont think we let that get us down we just had a dance party in the car which later carried on into Wendy's parking lot.

Day 2 we woke up early (we really did) and yet some how we still got to the airport late and literally almost missed our flight. So after running through the airport, catching the plane, realizing I didnt take my motion sickness pill, our hour flight, and me throwing up we finally made it LA. We wasted no time and jumped right into our crazy fun and headed to the Huntington Museum which was so pretty and ended the night with a good old fashion hamburger from in-n-out.

Day 3 woke up and headed to the farmers market for breakfast, did some shopping, went to the HOLLYWOOD sign, walk of fame, and went to dinner at Saddleranch and rode the mechanical bull (side note: I rode the longest even more than some boy that was so upset he rode again and STILL didnt beat me) after dinner we were feeling real brave and decided to get some spray on tattoos.

Day 4 we took it easy and just relaxed at the beach. And on the way home we stopped for a cup cake at the famous sprinkles and ended up on a street called Rodeo Dr.

Day 5 was the best. We got the VIP tour of the WB studios and got to see some of the back stage stuff like the central perk, the props and a few stars like: Ellen Degeneres from the Ellen show. Kaley Cuoco, Simon Helberg, Kunal Nayyar from the Big Bang Theory which is one of my favorite TV shows right now so of course this was the high light of my trip!! And then later that day we got to go to a recording of the Ellen Show which some of you might have seen me on:)

Then on the way home we decided we needed a look into the future so we stopped at a physic. I know what your thinking... what a waste of money and its all a hoax, but really it was super fun and very insightful and we will see if it comes true or not but it was very entertaining. And with it being our last night we decided to go out with a bang so went out we did.... We got all dressed up and showed Michale (melissa's husband) a really good time.

Thanks for a great time you guys!

Famous quotes from the trip:

Did you guys hit the "medium" in the road? Cause I did -Ashley
Lets go to Targe`, whats Targe`?? - Autumn and Megan
I am panicking on the inside. -Autumn
If I didn't know better I'd think you were drunk. -Melissa
Why didn't you have to pay to pee?? -Ash and Megan
Do you have games? Yeah I have chess. Is that like checkers? LMAO (IMAO)!! Melissa and Ashley
We went to the Beach (beech) and played in the sand.... I know where sand comes from. - Ash and Logan (our waiter)
Why does Logan hate my guts? What the heck did I ever do to him? -Ash
M cubed
A cubed
Crusin LA in the Cherrie bomber and the Silver bullet
I just peed my pants! No you just peed MY pants. -Meg and Alisha
Lets cut our fingers and be blood sisters. Wait you want to be blood sisters with your blood sister?? -Ashley and Lisha
All our stuff is organic if you care, I dont give a sh*t. Autumn to Logan( waiter)
Get out of my way or I'm gunna hit you and not the kind you like. Like hit you on your butt. - Autumn
Do you want me to slap your tattoo? Real ones are red.... Yeah OK. OUCH that hurt!! -Alisha and Autumn
Autumn why does it feel so oily? cause its eye makeup remover. - Ash and Autumn
Whats wrong with my face? -Ashley

My Future according to Chanell our physic

Person from the past will only bring bad luck
The next chapter (7 years) are going to be good.
I'm coming/starting a new phase
My 3 kids will be healthy, blessed and taken care of
My first pregnancy might be bad and I will have to take it easy. (I told her I will have to double check that with my Dr.)
Family health problems wont be passed down
Kids will make us fall in love even more like nothing we have never had before
No kids this year but maybe next
Career and money change will be good
Marriage is strong and will never be broken
Dont let everyday things get in our way
Family will be very successful and blessed.
I have good energy
I am a kind hearted person

As you can tell from all the pictures (what did you expect from all of us girls) we wore ourselves right out!! And it was so worth it.