Friday, April 25, 2014

HopPY EasTer

Holidays with kids really are more fun, and Parx is at SUCH a fun age. He loved dying eggs and actually did really well and lasted longer than I thought. He was good at finding his eggs and even helped Graysen with his. When we went to see the Easter bunny he couldn't decide if he liked him or was scared of him, but was willing to get a picture if Mom did it too. Easter morning he was so excited about his surprises, his big boy bike that we thought he would be most excited about was his least favorite, he was more into his Dr. kit. It was actually super funny, he put on his glasses and said Hi I'm Dr. Parx and wanted to even wear them to church.
As much fun as all holidays are this one has an even bigger more meaningful reason to celebrate. Our Savior Jesus Christ. There was an awesome video going around about Easter this year and I just loved what it had to say because no matter how I tried to express my feeling I'm just not good at putting them into words like some people are.

Because of him
It was unthinkable
a single act
that changed history
he was a Carpenter
a teacher
an outcast
a leader
yet he did
what no carpenter
had ever done
like all who preceded him
he lived
and he died
but unlike all who preceded him
he rose from the dead
he lived again
he lives
and because he lives
you and you
she and he
and we
will live again
because of him
death has no sting
the grave no victory
we can start again
and again
and again
because of him
guilt becomes peace
regret becomes relief
despair becomes hope
because of him
we have second chances
clean slates
new beginnings
there is no such thing
as the end
because of him




Wednesday, April 23, 2014

We were all feeling a little cooped up so we talked Dad into taking a day off and taking us out. So we packed up for the first time as a family of 4 and headed to Ogden to check out the Treehouse Museum. It turned out to be a super fun, cute place where a few hours flew by. Parx had a blast and loved everything about it. We had a great time and are so glad we have a Daddy to do fun things with us.