Saturday, January 18, 2014

Beverly Jane Merkley

On January 2 we got some heartbreaking news that Grandma Bev had passed away. We were shocked since I had just talked to my mom an hour before and she said she was doing much better and was going home from the hospital in the morning. she was there for unrelated issues.
Although she wasn't doing well and had been having a very hard time lately with remembering things and a few other issues. No one would have guessed this would be the next step.
Even though we are deeply saddened by her passing I know she is in a better place. She is no longer suffering, and so happy being surrounded by her loved ones, which I truly believe include our little boy that is due in just a couple months. Just that thought alone has brought me so much peace at this time. I love the thought that in someway she is with all her grandchildren now. Who she loved and live for!
She was such a good lady, so kind, forgiving, hard working, and an amazing lady all around but nothing compares to what a wonderfully grandma she was. She truly was the best and I will be eternally grateful that I was blessed enough to be one of her grand kids.
It is NEVER easy to lose someone you love whether it is expected or not but I think the hardest part of this for me was seeing Grandpa Pudge deal with losing his sweetheart. It has been a good lesson in letting those you love know whenever possible.
The services for her were perfect everyone did a wonderful job, it was just what she would have wanted. It was amazing to see how many lives were touched by her and how loved she was by others. There were SO many flowers, cards, food, and gifts sent to the family it was over whelming but not at all surprising.

"The good you have done, the kind
words you have spoken, the Love
you have shown to others, can
never be fully measured."
-Thomas S. Monson

Grandmas hold our tiny hands for just a little while, but our hearts forever!


After the viewing we made an honorary trip to 7-11 for
G-ma B



Grandparents house; Where cousins become friends.


30 weeks

30 weeks

Craving grape soda, I don't like it but since its caffeine free I don't feel as bad
Even though I feel very large I weigh the same at this point as I did with Parx, I guess it's just distributed differently
I know I have things to get done and am just waiting for the nesting stage to kick in
I think Parx is starting to grasp things are changing, he still calls him black baby but once in awhile he will say baby brother move as he pushes on my belly
We're still not sure where he is going to sleep, put his things, handle 2 kids, but are just as equally excited
Have had a couple dreams about him, what he will look like, how delivery will be this time around.
In the dreams one time he came out with dark skin, not quite black but very tan and an afro! Another he was like Parx with the blonde hair blue eyes, but features were much different. He looked more Merkley than Webb and weighted more than parx ever did.
My legs and feet are starting to be swollen at night
My back is starting to hurt more and more each day and packing around Parx doesn't seem to help:)
Still cant agree on a name. I like Hendrix more than anything else we have talked about. And James for a middle from both of Grandpa's. Dave likes Knox or Tate which I think is because Augustus can go with either of those for a middle.
Heartburn still going strong no matter what I eat


Still sensitive to sound, always has been maybe always will be
Little peace keeper, If Dave and I are even talking loud he will say "whoa whoa guys"
Has been so cuddly lately, giving kisses and hugs.
But at the same time has been very rough with little brother he pushes on the belly, tries to hit it.
Counts to 11
Recognizes numbers 1,4,5,6
Sings twinkle twinkle little star, Monkeys jumping on the bed, Never smile at a crocodile

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Highlights of 2013

Finding out we're having another boy

Looking forward to in 2014

Having the little guy
Moving who knows where...
Alan and Susan coming home
New vehicle??? (I hope)
Dave graduating (I hope even more)

New Years

After being so busy for Christmas this year I kind of felt like New Years was just an after thought. We didn't plan anything until the day of so we just ended up hanging out at the Ballard's which wasn't much different than any other time.
But we did have fun, we played the candy bar game, bingo with the kids and were home by 10:30.
Then the next day we went bowling.




We kept busy this month of course with Christmas and all the fun that comes with it.

We take a lot of baths. Just about Everyday, he loves them and it entertains him so I let him.
Getting bundled up to help Dad shovel snow
Christmas lights at the library
The live Nativity. Parx loved this, the animals baby Jesus. He kept wanting to go back to everything
Playing on the floor
Seeing Santa. Parx did so well, he walked right up to him even though it wasn't his turn like here I am can I sit on your lap. Of course once he did he clamed up and didn't say a word.
Playing in the snow, one of the times
Making ginger bread house/trees