Tuesday, July 30, 2013

July recap


Started getting things out of the garden.
Checking out Monster trucks, he called this one Spiderman truck
Going through the car wash, look how terrified he looks
Since we had a few days in the triple digits we spent some afternoons inside playing
Popsicles with cousins
First movie in theaters, Monster University... Parx did really well, sat through most of it but at the end started asking to go home. It was a long movie.
Watched Dad play softball a lot
Cupcakes with cousins
"Working" with mom
Shopping with Lincoln
Riding bikes
MORE pies
Waiting so patiently for mom to register for a race at the rec center to ride our bike home
Babysitting Kiera
Throwing rocks
Watching the boys play ball
Playing at the park with the Campbell boys
Jump Zone
Dinner at Second Dam
Playing with Grandma's








Mom jumped in the water after that roasting stick.