Sunday, December 30, 2012


playing with his Christmas from Jett

Making ginger bread trees and saying "chesse"

helping shovel the snow with dad

Christmas eve
reading a christmas story

Christmas morning playing with toys

Parx saying "cheese" hahahaha

Race track from santa



Sleding and playing in all the snow.
Dad going off a jump!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Family Christmas Party

We have decided we have gotten big enough with all 6 kids being married and having some of our own kids. So we decided its time to start our own annual Christmas party. We all got out our Christmas sweaters, played some games, ate some good food, exchanged gifts, had a sweet little program and celebrated the holidays with our family.
Life lately....
Our everyday lives is when we make our favorite, funniest, and most memorable memories.

Parx was such a good helper moving for the 3rd time this year. He is really good at climbing into boxes or anything for that matter.
Helping mom with dishes. Man I really have the best "helper" ever.
Watching movies
Playing on the ipad

A few favorites right now:
He is quite a jabber box and so stinking loud
Climbing in-on-over-under Everything
Gets "stuck" in a lot of place
Still has grandpas laugh/grunt and people find it so funny
So busy he is going the minute he wakes up
We got rid of the binky, am still having mixed feelings about this but it had to be done. He is still taking awhile to get use to it. He fusses before he goes down but is getting better its only been a week.




Parx has started climbing EVERYTHING. And is getting so tall so those two things add up to some trouble. Awhile ago he figured out how to get his light switch while standing in his crib so I moved the crib back a little. Then it happened again so I moved it again.
Then the other night I  put him down for bed went up stairs for a few minutes and when I came back down the light was on under his door. So I went in moved the toy box and moved his crib as far as I could. A few minutes later I heard some banging so I checked the monitor and he was CLIMBING out of the crib about to fall on his head to reach the light!! Just before he literally fell out he realized he couldn't reach it so he laid back down and went to bed. Funny little boy!! After my heart slowed down I could laugh at the thought of him scaling his crib and the wall.

Temple Square

We havent been to SLC and to the lights for a few years and I have been really wanting to go the last couple of years. So I knew we were limited on time and the later it got the less likely it would happen, so I talked to Dave and we planned to go. We called some good friends that have moved down there to meet us and had a BALL. It was such a great way to kick off our Christmas Season.
 We went to City Creek did a little shopping, had dinner, and enjoyed the Christmas stuff there with the water show, the cute little stories in a box and music. Then headed to Temple Square.And everyone and their dog must of had the same idea as us that weekend because it was packed! But it was what you made of it so we made the best of it. Did the loop, saw all the great stuff and headed home. I think this is something we will be doing whenever we can each year. Thanks to the Buttars for meeting us on short notice, wish we could see you more.


As December rolled around I knew if I didn't make a point to stop and enjoy it I would be so busy and caught up in the hustle that it would be over before I knew it and I would be mad. So I thought of a couple of things to really try to get into the spirit and just enjoy the Holidays.
We made cookies and treats for the Elderly and took them to the Nursing home. It was so sweet seeing the kids give them to the people and How excited it made them. A couple even asked them to sing for them. Maybe its because I worked with the Elderly and I know that their daily life really can be so boring and the same day in and day out Or that some really dont get many visitors or just how much joy they get from little kids but it really was so rewarding and so simple. I think we might have to do this every year.
Bought a present off the angel tree at the nursing home.
Went to the lights here at the local library.
Watched Christmas movies
Made ginger bread trees


Parx and I had the chance to go to Vernal the week before Thanksgiving to spend some extra time with the family and Im so glad we did. We got to help the Grandma's out a little, went to lunch, do some shopping, and just relax. Then once the rest of the family got there the crazyness came full circle. Family parties, late night, Lots of good food, Chopping wood, going to the Christmas parade and activities. And of course GRAY Thursday shopping. In place of Black Friday since the sales start earlier and earlier each year.  It wouldnt be the Holidays with out any of it.
As Thanksgiving rolled around this year I had had a lot of time to think of all the things I am grateful for. After a few moves this year and a few other things that made me reflect on our lives and where we are and where I want or thought we should be it allowed me to look at the big picture. And to count my blessings no mattter how small they may be.






Sunday, September 23, 2012

Marathon #3

I thought after I ran one marathon that would be good. I could say I did it and move on but... I think I'm starting to like them more and more. Crazy I know, but it's true.  Yes there are days when I don't want to get up early and I feel like I HAVE to run and sometime runs just suck and are really hard,but at the end of it all I really love it.

Never underestimate the strength of a women.
Never mess with one who runs 26.2 miles for fun.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

18 months

I feel like Parx is still a baby in ways but in so many more ways he has become a little boy!
He is "talking" all the time now and has a very loud cute voice it sounds like he is under water or gargling.
He loves toy cars, he crashes them into everything. Any and every ball. He has a pretty good golf swing now. He is the typical little boy and can be very rough and loves to wrestle. Loves pillows and will climb,play and hide in ours. Loves books and will let/make you read all his books to him if you have the time. He pulls us anywhere he wants us to go ALL the time (regardless of what you are doing, like trying to use the bathroom) His favorite word is still UH-OH and OH-NO although he can say a lot of others we hear those at least 100 times a day. I haven't found anything he won't eat. I really hope he always stays like this. He goes 60mph non-stop. Still enjoys bath time.
We seriously love him so stinking much!!

The famous UH-OH!




Sunday, September 9, 2012


I have wanted to go to Lagoon all summer and Parx had it on his summer bucket list so we have been trying to go. So when Sid asked us to tag along for his work party I jumped at it.
Dave wasn't so happy since it was the same night as the Utah vs USU football game but after he complained about it a minute and got it out of his system we were all happy to be there. Until we tried to have Parx ride a ride and oh my word you would have thought we were killing him! He was screaming bloody murder. So our Lagoon trip went down hill really fast! He did go on one because I was determined to have him at least try, and what do you know... He loved it! We just hope he grows out of it and next year he loves all of them and I haven't scared him by forcing it on him.