Tuesday, September 22, 2009

5K and Concert

Every time my family comes to watch someone finish a run, those who didnt run always say they are going to run with us next time. I have heard that so many times
but they never make good on it. Until now.. My SIL Michelle finally did it she said she was going to run the TOP 5K and she did!! So of course we all did it with her. Good job, lets keep it up and make it a tradition??
Even Brock did the race

Michelle and I
The whole gang me, justin, michelle, sid, brock, and jesse

Later that day Dave and I headed down to SLC to go the Brad Paisley and Dierks Bentely concert. We met up with my sister and her bff for dinner before the concert, it was so much fun! Although it was one of the first times in my life Ive thought Im not as young as I think I am because the music was a little to loud and this conversation we had:
Jeff: who is Darius Rucker
Meg: you know he is the black, bald guy that sings that song I like
Jeff: No I dont know.
Me: He's the guy that use to sing with hootie and the blowfish
Jeff, Megan: We have no idea who that even is!
Me: what are you serious, wow you guys are young.
Anyway it was fun for us oldies to get out and see what the young kids are into these days, Haha..
Dinner before
Meg and I
Dave and I at the concert

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Labor Day

This year for Labor Day we didnt really "labor" infact we didnt do much of anything. It was really nice.
On Saturday we did drive up to Idaho for Ali's baptism it was really nice to see that side of the family since we dont get to very often. And also to be there for such a special day we are so proud of Ali she is such a cute little girl!

The family after the baptism: Alan, Tiff, Jake, Dave, Me, Ali, and Susan

Then for the rest of the weekend we stayed home played games, roasted smores, dressed up the dog (or should I say tortured) and just hung out. What a great and wasted weekend.

Greg and Dave roasting smores
Playing 20 questions: Zach, Kimi, Amberly, and Me
"playing" with the dog