Sunday, May 31, 2009

Bee's and Birthday's

On Saturday we headed down to Salt Lake to celebrate Mylee's (my brother Jesse little girl) first birthday it was a cute party they did a mickey mouse theme and had it at their pool. Then after the party Dave and I headed to the Bees game which was fun until it started raining and we left around the six inning... but still we had a good time and will be going to many more this year where hopefully it wont rain.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day

This year for Memorial Day we went to Vernal for the Merkley family reunion. It was a fun quick trip with nothing left out games, food, late nights, screaming kids, and of course a good time. Thanks everyone for a good time, and Jill for putting it all together.

Girl cousins at the reunion:Ashley, Jodi, Megan, Me, Jill, Michelle, and Autumn

Me and G-ma Bev

My favorite family member

Us with Megan and Jeff taking a quick bike ride. It was really cold but fun and nice to get some fresh air.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Ogden Marathon

May 16 was the Ogden Marathon and no I didnt run all of it, only 6 miles. But that was enough for me. My dad, 2 of my brothers, my little sister and I did the relay of the marathon and had a blast doing it. We did pretty well by taking 20th out of 90 teams with a time of 3.45.
We decided it is something we will make a tradition out of and try to get more of the family to participate with us next year (well see how well that goes over).

The night before the race, look how excited we are.

After the race, still all smiles:)

My #1 fan

Me and my sis

Resting after the big race

Markelle and I with our Huge icecream cones, haha they were even smaller in real life.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

WICKED Health Days on top of Mothers Day!

A couple of weeks ago all the girls on Dave's side took a trip to SLC to see the play WICKED. It was a fabulous play which we really enjoyed.

Dinner at the Macaroni Grill

The map of OZ

Us waiting for it to start

Then this weekend was Smithfields Health Day and according to Daves dad it is a holiday worth celebrating so that's just what we did. We actually me, Sid (my brother), and Val (friend from work) started the day off with the 10k. Then we were off to the parade,then the fair where I had a delightful shaved ice and ended the night with the baseball game and a lion pup. It such a fun weekend, and we ended by celebrating Mothers Day with Daves mom. We are so grateful for the wonderful mothers that we have both are so fun and are willing to do anything for their kids we love them so much. HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!

Val and I (sid was in front of us so he missed out in the pictures)

Taya walking in the parade

Us at the baseball game

Eating our lion pups