Thursday, October 16, 2014

Since we have 1⃣4⃣ trees at this house we have a lot of leaves to play in. Little brother wasn't as crazy about sliding in them as big brother was!

Friday, October 10, 2014

Wait what?? How do I have a child old enough to be in pre-school?!?! Parx is such a smarty pants he knows the ABC's. recognizes some letters. spells his name, although sometimes it's "Purx". counts. knows shapes. colors. So I knew he was ready that way and he is a social butterfly but I still wasn't sure about sending him this year but I think it will be worth it in the long run.
The first day we show up and a kid is screaming crying and it was a little crazy. I could tell he was a little unsure. I didn't cry or anything but it was the longest 2 hours, I just watched the clock. And when I finally picked him up all I got was a "it was fun" and a few short answers like a typical boy.

A few things I want to remember about Parx right now.
Parx 3 1/2

His imagination... I'm sure a lot has to do with him not having a lot of friends around here which leaves him to play alone quite a bit but he is so good at it.

The conversations he has with himself are hilarious! He talks to himself while going to the bathroom for a very long time, a lot of the time going back and forth between who knows.

How sweet he is with Hendrix and how his little voice gets so high and sweet when he comes and says "hey buddy" or "it's OK buddy"

His prayers. The funny things he prays for.

How long it takes him to eat!!! I am not going to miss the days of shoving food into him.


St George

We had a very fun and great trip to St George. We did some hiking at Snow Canyon, swam in the pool a lot, mini golfing, went to a family farm for some fall festivities, and hung out and just had a great time. It was a classic case of having so much fun before we knew it, it was over.
 We are so lucky to have such a fun family who is so close and that we really enjoy spending time with and such wonderful parents who plan these trips and invite us along.


Thursday, October 9, 2014


Popsicles with friends
Playing with Dad
Starting Hendrix on the Ipad young
Yes its mom's hat but Parx looks so much better in it than I do!
Tractor we found on our walk. He asked to have this picture
Mom and Hendrix
A parade in the rain
Sunday Naps
Hanging outside
Baking some treats
Eating our treats, He also asked for this picture
Pulling faces
Dinner for mom with my mom
"Surprises" from Grandma
Zucchini boats
Sweet little Hendrix with his tongue out rubbing his teeth
This is my view as I nurse most of the time, some days Parx is literaly climbing the walls
Hanging out reading in Parx's room
Climbing the "fire pole" in his room
We busted out the Halloween costumes early
Hendrix sleeping. Holding a sleeping baby REALLY is one of the best things EVER!
Two of my most favorite people in the whole world!
Even Buzz needs a little down time
Brothers rough housing
Hanging with Berlyn at Jett's game
We got to meet Ronald McDonald, he put on a magic show and Parx was the star
Trying rice cereal again
I love catching these two spending quality time together
More brotherly love
When Parx asks for a picture I gladly ablige
Autumn walks. Every time Hendrix gets in the stroller he puts up his feet and kicks backs
Swimming with friends
TOP 5k. I roped Michelle into doing it with me, I just need a "race" to do
Parx always wants pictures with funny things (toys) but never when I want him too?!
We ran to Layton for the day to hang out with the Buttars and had a blast at RUSH it has bowling, mini golf, go carts, arcades, and a ton of fun stuff
Again with the sleeping babies
Boxing brother out from the Ipad
Dancing naked with Dancing with the Stars
Bed time hugs
Picnic with cousins
Funny boys
Sunday Best
Reading stories
The start of Halloween festivities