Saturday, June 22, 2013

Cherry Hill

We made our annual summer trip down to Cherry Hill for the day and had some fun in the sun with the family. Parx is such a brave little guy and will go down any slide and try most anything, which sometimes makes me very nervous but it also makes for a lot of fun.



This was him waiting so PATIENTLY to go
in the water:)

Fathers are so special
with a very special love
they watch us and protect us
they guide us and direct us back to our home above.

To celebrate we did Dave's favorite thing... golf. Parx is becoming quite a good little golfer. Mom is...well coming along:)



Scout Camp

Dave had to, got to go to scout camp AGAIN this year.
I told him by the time he isn't going as a leader he will be going as a dad with Parx.

Thursday, June 6, 2013


He LOVES jumping on the tramp, I could take a picture of him on there every day.
We play in the water also every day wheather its inside or out
He helped plant the garden
Played with cousins
If he comes in side for a minute and watches TV its as close as can be
Feeding fish at First Dam
Jumping again
water again...