Saturday, June 7, 2014


April seemed to go by in a blink of an eye!! And I'm sure May will do the same, we are looking for a place to move into when Alan and Susan get home in a month. This will be our 6th move in 7 years and I am more than sick of it, I am so over this moving thing. I truly believe the Lord has us in mind and things always work out for the best and that SOMEDAY we will look back and think this was a fun time in our lives but right now in the thick of things I'm a little stressed and frustrated! But we like to live by the seat of our pants and always seem to wait till the last second to find something, real down to the wire kind of plans. It sure makes life interesting! (100% kidding)
Along with stressing out, keeping up with the boys and enjoying the nice weather we have been having we have managed to stay pretty busy.

Doing what mom does, pumping:)
Enjoying the nice weather playing outside
Loving on Hendrix
Playing the Ipad with brother
Big boy car seat for Parx
Sweet boy napping
Me and Val running the 5k
Matching blue stripped outfits
Health Days activities
Sleeping AGAIN
Funny hats
Snuggling my Big baby
Brothers playing
Looking at air planes on our walk
Yard work, which ended up with one of the boys naked and one sleeping. Who do you think was which
Feeding the ducks and being a dare devil
This was the picture I got while at work. Man I LOVE those 3 guys!!
Sunday naps
Brotherly love
Mama and her boys
Cousins collecting/throwing rocks
Play time
Washing the car
Shaved Ice
Bumbo time
Memorial Day- Swimming/ BBQ at Sid's
Two tired boys after a long fun summer day
Making a Welcome home sign for G&G Webb