Friday, August 31, 2012

Susan's service Birthday

For Susan's Birthday this year she asked all the kids and grand kids to do 65 acts of service in her honor. It was so much fun, we really had a good time looking for places to serve others and do good. We plan to keep it going as much as we can.
Happy Birthday Susan We love you!!

Sending letters to loved ones far away

taking cookies to dads work

donating to a local boy:)

Mowing the neighbors lawn

Helping around Gma and Gpa house
Gave out my homemade jam to elderly friends/neighbors
picking up trash at the park

Leaving money on a toy for another child
"Please enjoy a free ride and have a great day"


Saturday, August 25, 2012

People ask why I like to run. I say
"if you have to ask you will never
understand." It is something
only those select few know.
Those who put themselves through
pain, but deep down know how
good it feels.

Actually I have an answer...

I like running
because I really, really, really,
really, really, really, LIKE Dessert!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

River Walk

We have been trying to get out and see new places around town so we headed down south and did the Logan River walk and had a blast. I think we will be doing that one again:)

Parx's summer bucket list cont.

We have been continue to cross off our summer bucket list and having a blast doing so

many more walks
story time in the park
fun in the pool at home and other places
play dates
side walk chalk
made the best of rainy days with movies and playing cars
Picked raspberries in the rain
Ate corn on the cob, a summer favorite! (love that look on his face)
Build a sand castle

Just mowing the pool, fully clothed. this is normal right?!?1

Could he get any more toys in there? I think not!

playing hide and seek

"swimming" in his water table


Since we haven't taken a real vacation this year we have been trying to take weekend get a ways here and there so we headed out to Vernal for a few days to just enjoy spending time with the family. This time we didn't have anything big plans or something we had to be at where every minute was planned. We got to just hangout and enjoy family time.
We had a really good time and did a lot of things I have been wanting to do this summer.
We got to visit my Grandma Carrie's grave. She was such a great G-ma and lady. I miss her and think of her often.
  • Spent time with grandparents.
  • Helped gma and gpa with a few chores around their house. And were so happy to do so.
  • Visited Nate, Ashley and Thor (Parx and him became really good friends)
  • Saw Megan and Treavor's new place, I'm Not jealous at all:)
  • Boating. Where we ALL wake boarded! Even my parents, I was super impressed with them they both got up with in the first couple of tries!
  • And I also got a run in with my Dad. I am always left in awe of him after running with him. He says running in Smithfield isn't easy but running in Vernal IS NOT easy you are always coming or going up hill, running on highways were cars just fly by like you're not there, sometimes on dirt roads and he does it like nothing! He keeps a good attitude the whole time and even after 16 miles is still pushing me! Amazing!!  I truly hope someday running will be as easy to me as it is to him.
We really had a great time and wish we could have stayed longer. Parx loved spending time with G-ma and G-pa and playing with his Aunts and Uncles we need to come back soon:)
I promise they were friends

Go Grandpa!

Great job Grandma

Treav was trying to knock Meg off and after he couldnt
he got bored and decied to stand up on the knee board.