Thursday, January 27, 2011

I didnt see this coming....

So after about 4 years of marriage Dave and I have been sleeping in separate rooms!! No, our marriage is not on the outs. But in the last few months I have been SNORING! and as the pregnancy moves along its getting worse (another perk of pregnancy, NOT!)
At first we would start out in the same bed but half way through the night he would end up leaving. So now he just starts out in a different bed. So the other night Dave brought me home a "surprise", you want to know what it was... A Cpap machine!?!?! For those of you that dont know what that is, it's a machine that people with sleep apnea, weight issues, snore, and other issues use. I couldnt believe it but I told him I would give it a shot so... I did and wow did it suck! I felt like I was going scuba diving or something. I was claustrophobic. Any time my mouth would open the air would come rushing out sounding horrible. I had to work at breathing! Dont get me wrong I LOVE sleeping with my husband but if it means wearing this Ill give it up for the next month and half.
So needless to say I couldnt hack it. But luckily I found something that works, Dave wears ear plugs and I wear breathright strips! I love them and I love having my husband back.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Vernal Baby Shower

My wonderful sisters threw me a very cute baby shower with the theme of Nursery Rhymes. It was so cute, everything from the invitations to the food was themed. The baby got a lot of great things that I know both of us will enjoy.

We also did more than just have the shower we had a lot of fun just hanging out, playing games, and going to dinner. I also went to a friends baby shower, it was fun to see a lot of friends from the past. I love spending time with my family and am so grateful for everything they do for us. Thanks again everyone I loved it!!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

30 Weeks.

Only 10 weeks to go! Hes going to be here before we know it, so Im starting to try and get ready.
His room is coming to together and I've started washing a few things. sometimes it feels a little early but when I think I'm counting down from 10 it doesn't feel long at all. I mean 10 weeks sounds long but I know it will go fast.

Things that are happening now:

I still get heartburn (even with the meds).
I can tell he is is putting on the weight.
He is running out of room.
He gets hiccups everyday usually more than once.
Now when dad feels him he can't hide from him.
My back pain is getting worse.
I'm back to being and looking tired at night.
My feet get a little swollen after standing on them all day.
Dad can't wait for how much FUN he is going to have with him.
I'm getting nervous and trying to read as much info as I can.

There are boys in my house – and Spiderman shoes
And 200 papers in various blues.
There's Bob (he's a builder) and Thomas the Train,
There's a fireman coat to wear in the rain.
They have cars on their shirts and frogs on their hats
There's a glove and a ball and a red plastic bat.
There's dirt on a face and a smudge on a nose;
Grass stains on knees and sand between toes.
There's bathtime at night with bodies to scrub,
And when we're all done there is dirt in the tub!
There's bandaids and bruises and curious bumps,
There's smiles and laughter and sometimes there's grumps.
There's odors most icky; there's boogers so green
There's more yucky things than I'll ever get clean.
There's piles of laundry; there's stories at night;
There's bedtime and bathtime and dinnertime fights.
There's cars and there's trains and there's books about trucks
There's Scoop, Lofty, Dizzy, and Travis, and Muck.
Sometimes there are bugs, and sometimes there are frogs;
Sometimes they are lions, or dinos, or dogs.
There are cute little vests and darling neckties
Dragged right through the mud – oh what a surprise!
There's running and climbing and jumping and falling
And laughing and crying and hugging and brawling
And rolling and losing and finding and creeping
And whining and stealing and sometimes there's sleeping.
There's tantrums and time outs and extra loud noise –
There's love in my house in the shape of my little boy.

We cant wait for this little guy who is going to rock our world!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Ice Skating

(Im getting my blog ready to be a book and I found these pictures and had to post them.)
One year (I think last year) for my work Christmas party they rented out the ice skating rink, and as you can tell I tore it up!
I really do know how to ice skate I was only joking around cause some one dared me to wear a helmet and use a walker. Not that there is anything wrong with using them I just dont HAVE to use them. I have mad skills when ice skating!
PS I LoVe how embarrassed Dave is in this picture!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Goodbye 2010, Hello 2011

To ring in the new year we went to the Clarks for some good food, good company, and good entertainment. We hung out, visited, played games, and even had a magic show with a hypnotist. Dave volunteered and ended up smelling the couch cause it smelled like roses, dancing with some of us and singing songs.Things that are so not like him. Then on new years day we stayed around the house cleaned, relaxed and hung out with the family some more playing games and having fun.
We are so excited for this year and what its going to bring, especially our little guy! And many other changes. I like setting goals at the beginning of each year and working on new things and ways to better ourselves not that I always do them but there is always next year! So heres to a new year and new goals. Welcome 2011!!