Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Valentines Day

We had family in town for the weekend so Dave and I didn't get to go out just the two of us. But we still had a good day and a lot of fun.
Parx and I went to lunch with Ashley for her Birthday, took cookies around to friends and family, then went to dinner as a family that night.
I sent the boys on a little treasure hunt to find their gift and Parx thought it was so cool. Having kids makes Every holiday better:)

For God
so loVed the world
     thAt he gave his
                                                                       soN so
                                                                      thaT whoever
  havE everlasting


Monday, February 3, 2014


Hanging out in Vernal
Driving home from Vernal with Grandma Rosey. We were all a little wore out
"Raisin" hands from all the time spent in the bath
The reason for the picture above... but I cant blame him. We do colored water, bubbles, Popsicles, sometimes glow sticks, music it really is entertainment taking a bath during the winter.
Go Aggies
Wearing his sunglasses in the bright sun
Doing some science experiments
Photo shoot with Mom
Hanging out with Cousins
Golfing in side with Dad
Bed time snacks
Playing in the sink