Thursday, March 14, 2013

Parx's 2nd Birthday
  • This little boy runs, jumps, and flips more than he walks.
  • Asks to watch Cars 20+ times a day.
  • Still loves Buzz.
  • Love's watching videos of himself on the Ipad or our phones. Its funny because he will watch it and then go reenact it again.
  • Drag's multiple blankets out to use.
  • Not a fan of nursery, were getting better and working on it but every week is still a struggle.
  • Such a sweet boy, says "thank-you" all the time. Its so cute sounds more like choo-choo.
  • Such a tender spirit, we don't have to get after him to much but when we do he really feels bad.
  • In the same breath I can also say he has hit the famous "2"s and is pushing limits and boundaries. I'm working on my patients and trying to teach in the moment. Which is super hard when you're in public.
  • Can be very loud
  • Sticks things up and in his ears and nose
  • Likes talking on the phone lately
I have loved these past 24months more than I can ever say. I am so grateful and honored the Lord trusted and blessed us with this WONDERFUL boy. I only hope we can be the best parents he needs.

2 year old Stats:
28 lbs 50%
34 inches 50%

The night before his party he was spinning around and fell into Ashley's coffee table and split above his eye open. I debated on if he needed stitches but decided against it. It stayed open for a couple of day and I wondered if we chose wrong but it looks fine now. And will someday add character.
For his party we had a Toy Story theme party which turned out really cute. I got a few things off pinterest which I will never do again(they don't turn out like they look like they should) I made a buzz space ship and the kids loved it, but for all the work that went into it it was not worth it. We had the family over and did cake and cupcakes, and opened presents. He had a wonderful and fun birthday!

Happy 2nd Birthday Parx we LOVE you to the moon and back!!





Annual picture of the birthday buddies. I love that these two were born
with in hours of each other. I hope they grow up to be great friends;)

Thursday, March 7, 2013


Dear snow,

I've had enough of you. I'm tired of shoveling the drive way, I'm tired of being stuck in the house,and would like to see the grass and yard before June! So just stay in the mountains and leave us alone. Please and thank you!

The ONLY good thing that came from the cold weather and being stuck inside was all the cleaning and organizing I got done! But now I'm so ready to welcome March and hopefully spring! As long and slow as January was February seemed to fly by. We did a few fun things and managed to keep ourselves busy.

We went down to Ogden one day to get out and meet up with some
good friends. Markelle, Jack, Miles, and Veronica and Asay.
We sure wish they lived closer.

He loves to climb and sit in this little box??