Thursday, November 20, 2014

8 months

Army crawling!!
Scooting all over, backwards, in circles, side to side. I'm sure you will be crawling shortly.
Still just the two bottom teeth, which is fine by me! Nope 3. 11-7-14
Kinda, sorta starting to wave, actually just slap our faces most of the time.
1st ear infection, boo!! Along with breathing treatments, double boo! After we came home from St George we all got cold and crap but unfortunately you got the worst of it.
Talking/ babbling all the time, saying mama mama mama
Still not a fan of baby food, but you will feed yourself finger foods
Fully aware of when Mom walks in and out of a room, and you do not like it when I don't pick you up

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Family Pictures

Monday, November 3, 2014


Hendrix watching conference
Mommy and Hendrix
First day of pre-school
Skeltons at the store
Playing in the leaves
Mowing up the leaves
Eating dinner- Parx was being a stinker and didn't want to eat that bite, he stood like that for about 5 minutes.
Feeding the ducks
Bath time
Fishing. I LOVE the picture of Parx and Dave just talking-that is what fishing is all about, and its a good thing since we haven't caught a fish ever in the couple times we have gone.
Helping Grandpa cut down trees
Talking on the phone to Megan about Treavor being bit by a Shark:)
Playing in the leaves with the Campbells
Trying on Costumes at the store
Leaves at Home. Hendrix was not a fan
First time Hendrix had a pancake
Lunch and Ducks with the Buttar's
Trying to crawl under the couch
Dads High school goals....
Playing together
Sweet sleeping baby
MORE leaves
Sunday nap
This is what the window looked like all month. We just kept adding to the medicine!! We just kept passing crap around and back and forth
Did I mention we played in the leaves a lot this month!!

I love Fall and October just as much as the next person but this was a rough month to be sick so I am happy to say goodbye and hope November is better for us.