Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Happy Half Birthday

I know everyone always says it and I'm sure I will continue to, but time is going to fast! I'm learning when you have more than one child before you know it days turn into months and your baby is growing up so fast. Because of that I feel like I'm really trying to savor every stage, every cute, funny and sweet thing Hendrix does.
I know I haven't done "monthly photo shoots" like we did with Parx, I'm chalking it up to the first and only child thing. I think it's because I take way more everyday pictures of the boys now. But I really wanted something a little nicer and official for his 6 month mile stone. So we took these gems!

Currently Hendrix is...
Fake coughing and laughing
Sticking out his tongue
Rolling over both ways but more from his back to belly
Scoots backwards while on his belly
Has 2 bottom teeth, that's why his tongue is out so much. He rubs his teeth
Sitting up but still a little wobbly. Sometimes he throws himself back and smacks his head.
Loves his brother and watching/ playing with him. But brother is starting to play/ wrestle a little rough for moms liking.
Has started recognizing unfamiliar people. More guys than girls. Both Grandpas and Uncle Greg have made him cry.
We sure LOVE this little boy and are grateful he is part of our family!!

They know me in a way no one ever has
They open me to things I never knew existed.
They drive me to insanity
and push
me to my depths
They are the beat of my heat, the pulse
in my veins. And the energy in my soul
They are my kids.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Bear Lake

First off I think its safe to say we clearly need a bigger vehicle!!

The Buttar's were sweet enough to invite us along for a little weekend trip over to Bear Lake. Parx was very excited to go and said he was going to get in the lake go swimming, see a shark and punch it. Haha I don't know were kids come up with the stories they tell us. Lucky we didn't come across a shark.
We sure enjoy spending time with them and the kids got along and played really good together!
We had a great time swimming, playing at the beach, hanging out, throwing rocks, playing mini golf.