Tuesday, March 25, 2014

I love the spirit that having a newborn in your home brings, they are just so sweet and it just overflows into your home, there is nothing else like it.
Before having Hendrix I was very nervous about how we were all going to adjust to a new baby,mainly Parx, but he has done awesome. Besides telling Dave to get Mom from the Dr. but leave the baby the day they came to pick us up from the hospital he has been so sweet to Hendrix, giving him kisses, talking to him in a high sweet voice, and showing him to everyone who comes over.
It has been better than I could have imagined and hope it continues.
As of now we are just cruising in survival mode taking it one day at a time and drinking a lot of Cherry Coke. We have also tried to do a few fun things in between feedings and the little sleep we are getting. We have been painting, making play dough, playing games, going for a couple walks, spending way to much time on the Ipad and watching T.V. (I'm choosing to let this go for a couple months, I'm learning you have to let some things go and this is one for not)  but mostly just snuggling and soaking up Hendrix.




There's no
like a brother

Hendrix Augustus Webb

Called at 530
Went to the hospital at 6:30
Started IV with antibiotics at 7:15
Broke water about 10
Stayed at a 5 for awhile because his head wasn't in the right position and coming straight down
decided to get an epidural around 12:15
12:45 needed to pee and was having a lot of pressure, nurse came in said his heart rate had dropped and wanted to check him out, I asked to get some help with using the bathroom.
This is where things get a little fuzzy ....
I told her I was having a lot of pressure and REALLY needed to pee. At this point she wasn't planning on checking me but changed her mind, when she did she said "Oh wow you're a 8+ and well on your way to being complete."
Called the Dr. and started preparing the room
My blood pressure started dropping so they put oxygen on me and were still concerned about his heart rate.
because I hadn't had my epidural long I was still feeling a lot and wanting to push.
Finally the Dr. walked in (really it had maybe been 15 minutes but bearing down for that long felt a lot longer.)
Right after my mom and sister got there
Because I had transitioned so fast and my contractions were right on top of each other the nurse had given me a shot to slow them down, so just as everyone was ready my contraction stopped.
But I was ready to push so 4 pushes and he was out.

Hendrix Augustus Webb
7#1 oz
21 inches

The last 20-30 minutes were a whirl wind I don't remember all the details but am so glad he is here and is healthy!! We already are head over heels in love he is so perfect.

The last night as a family of only 3