Saturday, January 30, 2010

State Drill Team 2010

This Weekend was my younger sister state competition for drill team so the family all met to support her. She was the team captain this year and did a wonderful job Im so proud of how well she lead by example and stepped it up when she needed to! Good job Meg!!
It was a really fun weekend even thought they didnt bring home the trophy.
Just a side note this story is to funny to forget so Im going to write it down... When we were at the mall my dad was walking and not looking where he was going and ran into a poll (he walks really fast so he hit really hard) he was wearing a hat that fell off and it knocked him back a little but the worst thing is that it split his head right above his eye. He said he felt so stupid so he grabbed his hat and tried to walk away as fast as he could and that is when he felt something running down his face.. blood. So he ran in the bathroom and cleaned up before he saw any of us and tried to play off his cut as nothing but later the truth came out and the next day it was even worse cause it was bruised. We told him just to tell everyone he got into it with another drill team mom. haha Love ya Dad! We have all had those moments and its just nice that we can laugh at them and share them with each other.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

The end of 2009

We rang in the new year with dinner at Hamilton's, guitar hero and, dance dance revolution. Then we also had a party with some friends. It was a good way to end a good year. We can only hope 2010 is just as good!!

The boys dancing it out to "womenizer" by brittney

Some of the girls
Me and Dave

Happy New Year!!