Thursday, June 17, 2010

Girls Camp

So my church calling of being the Laural leader comes with a few perks one being able to go to girls camp. I know this is something some people might not look forward to and I was one for a little while but its also one of those things that once you do it you realize how much you enjoy it and needed it.
We have such a great group of girls and even better leaders. I am so glad I not only got to meet these women but get to serve with them. I can honestly say I believe the lord knows us better than we know ourselves and knows what we are capable of doing.
For camp we got to go to Heber Valley the place that President Hinkely picked out him self and the spirit that is there is amazing, it truly is a Temple with out a roof. We did so many fun things and got to stay in cabins and even had flushable toilets. I think they are going to have to start calling it a girls retreat instead of camp since we were so pampered. We made craft, went cannoning, did service projects, went on a challenge course, and of course ate good food and had smores!!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

On the road again!!

We took another quick vacation down to St George last weekend to enjoy the very warm weather. We spent some time with both families, golfed, sun tanned, playing in the pool and just really enjoyed ourselves.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

I looked out the window and what did I see....

This furry little guy looking back at me!!

Who doesnt love being woke up at 2am to a skininin' skunk that has fallen into your window wale freaking out trying to climb its way back out? I know I dont!!

Last night I woke up to Dave telling me we need to get out of our room cause a skunk is in the window and if we scare him he might spray and it might come into our room. I jumped out of bed grabbed my pillow still not really sure of what was going on and ran upstairs. We called the cops cause who else were we going to call at this time and they said they would get animal control out to get him as soon as they could. but that still didnt help us sleep any better since we couldnt go back into our own room. later that morning animal control showed up to get him with the cops and everything. It was kinda funny cause we had the neighbor all wondering what was going on. It didnt take long before we had the neighborhood kids over to find out what happened along with a few of the adults. They tried to bate him into a bucket first and when that didnt work they had to put him to sleep.

So let this be a warning to any other furry creatures that fall into my window scaring me out of my wonderful sleep. I won't put up with it and will call the authorities and Im out for blood!