Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas with Merkleys 09

We spent Christmas in Vernal this year with my family. It went by super fast just like it always does with a lot of family time,family pictures,food,games, parties, pictures,staying up late talking with each other and very little sleep.
It also was Nates farewell for his mission. He did a wonderful job on his talk, he has such a strong testimony and we know he will do a wonderful job out in the field. Good luck Elder Merkley!
We are so grateful for our families and the time we get to have with them, although it is sometimes hard to remember when were all stuffed in a very small home!

My dad also made his famous fudge. I had to document it so next year when I try I have not only the recipe but pictures to follow

Christmas Eve: Autumn, Meg, Me and Melissa
Dave and I
Me, Ash, Michelle, Mom, Meg, Jodi
Gma and Gpa Merkley
All the guys
All us gals
Lincoln and Mylee... this is the best picture we could get if one was looking the other wouldn't
Barsie and Ash crafting it up!
Mylee the read nose reindeer

Above: Dad sleeping while we sing Christmas Carols Below: us singing(sid even did hand actions)
Koko had a great Christmas she made lots of new friends and got lots of presents. (not pictured Koko and Tramp) Koko and Bella
Sophie and Koko aka BFF
Koko opening her gift
We also played the Amazing Family Race with the Merkleys. Although I majorly screwed up one clue I still think everyone had a great time.

Autumn and Alex (white team), Nate and Barsie(orange team), Lisa and Makall(black team), Melissa and Michael(purple team), Sid and Michelle(yellow team), Mom and Dad(red team), Ash and Justin(green team), Jesse and Jodi (blue team), Jeff and Meg(pink team). Thanks everyone for playing!!
Me and Melis
Merry Christmas!!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Their not dying just going away for a little while.

This is what I had to keep telling myself because today was one of the best worse days. We drove Daves parents down to SLC to leave on the mission. It was a bitter sweet goodbye (I think they always are with missionaries) we really are excited for them and the adventure they are starting. The spirit the missionaries carry with them is just amazing and you can feel it so strong! Im a little jealous of them, but you know everyone says the family is also blessed so were excited to see whats in store. But I think tonight was even a little harder on me cause I know I have to do this again in a few weeks with my younger brother which for me is going to be so much harder! I think its harder sending the young boys out on their own vs. parents that get to go together. Either way were so proud of them and the sacrifices they make to go serve the lord. But as for us the ones they leave behind we just have to remember that they're not dying just going away for a little while!

Dinner before we took off.

This was the hardest goodbye for susan.