Saturday, June 30, 2012

I had a wonderful Birthday this year much better from last year, not that we had anywhere but up to go from. I know I have wonderful friends and family but I really felt the love from everyone. I got the sweetest cards, calls, text messages, and e-mails. Thank you everyone! I mean I know some parts of me are pretty awsome but I'm still not perfect:) I have decided I like celebrating and having a good Birthday and I don't mind getting older, everyone does it! And I think it sets your year off good. Plus you get presents. And I'm so excited about mine this year.... I have been wanting one for a long time. I have always felt like they were for the "real" or serious runners and if I had one it was even more of a committment, but after 2 fulls and plenty of 1/2 marithons I decied it was ok. A running garmin! I am SO excited. I'm thinking I will wonder why I waited so long.

So to celebrate Parx and I met Ashley, Michelle and the kids at the little zoo and park in the afternoon then Dave and I went to the movie which was really nice to be just the two of us (we need to do it more often- hint hint Dave) then we grabed my favorite summer dinner, a Wendys chicken berry salad. I ended the night snuggling my sweet little boy.

"Do not regret
growing older.
It's a privilege
to many."

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Daddy's little helper

Parx was such a good helper to Dave while they put his car together. He was so excited, he couldn't even wait for it to be put together before he was climbing in and wouldn't get out.

Work it baby, Work it.

Everytime I do a work out video Parx will go right up to the t.v. stand in front of it and "does the moves" right a long with me. He looks at them then back at me a few times then starts doing it too.
I went in to get Parx for bed tonight and this is what I found...

Family BBQ

A few weeks back we had my family over for a BBQ and it really was so fun. This house has an awesome back yard that is perfect for parties. So we need to have more while we can....

Father's Day

My DAD has taught me A LOT through the years....
He taught me LOGIC..."If you fall out of that swing and break your neck,
you are not going to the store with me!"
He taught me about WEATHER..."This room of yours looks like a tornado went through it!"
He taught me HUMOR..."When that lawn mower cuts off your toes, don't come running to me!"
He taught me about JUSTICE..."One day you'll have kids of your own
and I hope they act just like you!"
AND He taught me about the Circle of Life...
"I brought you into this world and I can take you out!"

Happy Father's Day to all the wonderful Dad's in my life. I love all of you and am so grateful for everything you have taught me and continue to teach me.

My Dad is an amazing guy and I can only hope to be like him in some small ways. He is dedicated, when he makes a goal for himself he does anything and everything to complete it. (I have seen this in his running. He really is amazing.). He is funny! He comes up with some of the best pranks and jokes I have ever heard of. He is so tough and strong in many ways. He seriously Never talks bad about people, I admire him for this SO much. He loves his family and loves to be around us. He is romantic, sometimes it makes me want to puke how romantic he is to my mom. (I have begged him to give a romance 101 to his son-in-laws, Or at least write a manual)

My Father in law of course is an amazing Dad. For the way he raised Dave and helped him become the guy he is today. He is so well mannered, and respectful to everyone. He is so strong in the Gospel. Gives good advice. He worries and is concerned for his kids and helps them however he can.

My Favorite Daddy Dave. I truly LOVE watching how excited Parx gets when Dave gets home. They really are the best buddies. He works hard to support our family and does it with out complaining.  I know Dave will be a great example to our kids as they grow up, not only by what he says but his actions. He is really good to help with Parx anyway I ask. And even though I nag him in the same breath as complementing him we truly are blessed to have him our lives!!

Cherry Hill

We headed down for a day in the sun at Cherry Hill with the family and had a Blast!! I think this is for sure going to become a yearly tradition. Last year Parx was to young to really play of course but this year he made up for it. He had so much fun just running and splashing, going down the little slide (even by himself) in the kiddy area. Swimming in the lazy river. And going down the big dragon slide with mom and dad he was laughing and screaming on the way down it was so cute.
The fact that he didn't cry in the water made swim lesson worth every penny.
*don't mind my slutty swim suit I wanted to get rid of some ugly tan lines from running in tank tops and all lengh of shorts. I only did it because I knew I wouldn't run into people I knew.