Sunday, October 31, 2010

20 down - 20 to go

Were half way!
Im hoping the second half goes a little faster!

Friday, October 29, 2010


I babysat Ash kids last week and took them to the pumpkin walk. They loved it and wanted to get in every scene and take a picture.
We also went to the corn maze for mutual one night. Carved pumpkins and diped apples. And of course dressed up at work. Halloween has always been a favorited holiday of mine. I love ALL the activites that come from it!!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Witches Night Out!!

All the girls in my family met up this last weekend for a quick girls trip. We ate, shopped, stayed up late, played games, went to a haunted house, and went to Gardner Village for Witches Night Out. It was a super fun weekend and might become a tradition! Thanks for all the fun memories witches!!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Baby Webb

First Trimester:

June 20. found out were expecting

Aug 8. Against my will told the family

Aug 23. First Dr appt. First time seeing the little peanut:)

Aug 28. Missed the TOU half ( I was super bumbed about it.)

Sept 22. Felt the little one (13 1/2 weeks) ps hasnt stopped moving since!

*Side note pregnancy has not been what I expected. It kinda rocked my world. I wasnt prepared for the nausea, vomiting, being EXTREMELY tired, mood swings (personally I didnt think they were so bad I just wanted to inflect pain to others, thats normal right?), taking a break from running/working out all together thanks to the lack of energy.

Second Trimester:

Oct 3 16 weeks hello honeymoon phase. Feeling somewhat like myself again.

Oct 21 found out baby Webb is a..... BOY!!! Everything looks good he is growing and is right on track with his due date:)

Nov 14. Daddy felt you move for the first time

I knew he was a boy I have had 3 different dreams, and had found some very cute girl clothes, and bedding. But I love having a boy to start the family.

*Side note the sec tri really has been so much better. I got some energy back but I still have days where I just have no energy. Was able to get back on the treadmill which helped me feel a little more like myself. It also helped with the mood swings. My hips have been poping out of place which hurts. I get heartburn and am in the between phase of is she preg or just fat.

He kept his face covered the whole time so we didnt get a good profile picture. Dont worry Ill break that habit fast, cause I like taking pictures:)
We are so excited about this baby and just cant wait to meet him.

Guys Trip

When the girls in our family started a girls weekend and the guys saw how much fun we had, they thought they better find out what its all about. So now they have a guys trip. And this year for the trip the went to Denver to a game and who knows what else. After the game Jesse ran into a old mission buddy who also happened to be a player and they ended up at his place hanging out and visiting. I think it was the highlight of the trip, no I know it was cause that all the pictures I got from the trip.
p.s. I just want to make a note that the girls could do two or three trips for the price the boys pay for one. just saying!!