Friday, February 19, 2010

The Month of love

This year for Valentines we went to the anniversary inn (see below post) last week. So on the actual weekend we kept it low key. We went out to dinner with some good friends, we went to Maddox over in Brigham which was Delicious as always. I just wish it was here in Logan and not brigham not that it is way far away but when you get as car sick as I do a half an hour drive through a canyon which is horrible and ends up costing you your dinner! And let me tell you it doesnt taste as good coming back up as it does going down. hahaha!!

Then on Sunday Valentines Day (aka) Ash birthday! We had my brother and sister over for dinner and a little b-day celebration, which included a lot of games some better than others like... rabbit, ninja, and duck-duck-goose. I dont think the grown ups enjoyed it much but the kids LOVED it, but we all got some good laughs out of it. Either way we had a good time and made some even better memories.

Also to honor this month: Our top 10 loves..


1. The gospel

2. Running or at least the results

3.Spending time with friends and/or family

4.Bed time and playing footies

5.A clean house and car. Clean anything for that matter

6. Reading

7. Eating out

8. decorating

9. Summer time

10. I saved the best for last...My bestfriend, my better half, my husband!!!


1. I will start out with the most beautiful and amazing woman in the world! My gorgeous wife Alisha

2. The gospel

3. My loving family. (on both sides)

4. KOKO!

5. Playing Golf

6. Any activity on a lake.

7. Watching a good game on tv

8. Camping

9. Going to Bee's baseball games

10. The feeling when i finish my last final every semester.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Big Shout Out!!

I just have to give a quick shout out to my awesome husband. He has become quite the super star at church ball so much that when we go to parties he has guys come up and go on and on about the game when they played together and church members write his parents on their mission to tell them how well he played against their ward and when he doesnt show up to a game not only does he get calls wondering where he is but I do as well. hahaha I know this sounds silly but Im proud of him and just want to show it!!!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Superbowl blah blah. and the real game.. Lazer Tag!

This weekend while the family was out we played a mad game of lazer tag at the fun park. It was Jesse vs. us at his request and well we destroyed him.. duh! But that's not what matters right?? Really it was super fun minus the part when Megan full on tripped me and then Dave running right into me knocking me down again. Lets just say it got a little rough.
We also watched the Superbowl at Ashelys (well I took a nap, but some watched the game)And your ticket in was a pack of pop but Jesse and Dave went above and beyond.. and got a full on keg. It was actually pretty funny watching them try to "tap their first keg". When we got there Jett asked us who we were cheering for and I said the Vikings... he quickly informed me they were even playing and I should cheer for the Saints cause he was, as you can see in the pictures. Either way we had fun and really enjoyed the food!

Birthdays and Baptisms

We had a few fun events to celebrate this last weekend first our niece Taya got baptised. Which was really special. Then after we celebrated Brocks 1st birthday and had fun watching him dig into his cake and Mylee help open his presents. We sure love our family and really enjoy spending time with them!

Our trip to the Amazon Rain Forest

So Dave had some making up to do for our anniversary last year when he dropped the ball by making me watch a basketball game on our anniversary. So this last week he surprised me with a night to the Amazon Rain Forest at the Anniversary Inn. I know what your thinking Amazon Rain Forest, really?? But it was great and it had the biggest t.v. hence the room!! So thanks babe I really appreciate the sliver of romance you have and even more when you show it!!
ps. next time please get a room that DOESN'T have frogs fill the tub.