Saturday, September 27, 2008


Fall is for sure in full swing the leaves are changing the weather is changing and I'm absolutely Loving it. Fall is my Favorite season of the year just like it is for many others out there. I love the weather, the smells, the colors and all the holidays coming up. So I have started to celebrate it to the full extent and my brother says I'm dragging Dave along for the ride and he feels sorry for him. But as you will see in pictures Dave is not the only one he was blessed enough to share in the joy this weekend:) love ya Sid. And a warning for all you out there if you cross paths with me in the next few months there is a big chance you will get to share in the joy also just ask the girls I work with (they have been laughing at me and how excited I have been for Halloween and the fact that we get to dress up for work).

Making haunted gingerbread houses

Look how unhappy everyone looks..

I didnt have to twist their arms to bad.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Country Hoedown!

Dave and I with the neighbors pet.
(I'm kidding)
The girls getting ready to go at it.
The boys stick pull contest. which trever won
Showing off our moves, or lack of.

So this weekend to welcome fall we had a good ole fashion country hoedown. Dave's parents neighbors lets us use their barn to have it in which was perfect. We dusted off our boots and invited all our friends to come have a good time.
And a good time is just what we had. We made carmel apples, ate donuts off a string, had a stick pull contest and of course did some country swing and line dancing. Thanks to all that came we hope to do it again!!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Roof Jumping!



(the rain gutter is where my waist hit and the second

arrow is where my shin hit)

So this story actually happened a few months ago but everyone I tell it to just loves it and its something I always want to remember (why I'm not really sure). So anyway the story goes... It was Thursday which is my day off from work and Dave and I were looking in to buying a new car so I was out test driving some and found one we both liked so Dave came down to meet me to do the paper work which everyone knows takes forever and I had my visiting teachers coming over later that night so we were trying to hurry. Well as you can guess it was almost time for me to meet with them and we weren't even close to being done so I told Dave I would run home meet with them and then come back to sign the final papers.
I got all the way home and realized I didn't have keys to get in the house because we had taken all of our other keys off the old car key ring . So I had a choice either stand up my girls or break in my house. Any of you that know me know it wasn't a hard choice, break in. I knew the upstairs bedroom window was open. So all I had to do was get up to it. Well it took me all of 5 min to think of how to do that. (I should tell you now we are lucky enough to have a carport right in front of our building) anyway I backed my car out just enough to climb on it then pull myself up to the carport. My plan was to jump the gap between the carport and our little roof that covers our front door land perfectly and just pop of the screen and get in... well again as you can guess that DIDN'T happen. Instead what did was I got on the carport and looked at the "little" gap and started to second guess myself. I stood there thinking of what could go wrong like falling and breaking an arm or leg and what I would do if that happen I thought you know I work at a Dr. office and they could help me.
So as I'm standing there thinking about it I noticed all the cars driving by just staring at me. I can only imagine what they were thinking. Anyway back to the story, so I'm on the roof thinking my grand plan through when a neighbor boy walks out of his house and gives ma a crazy look, so I ask him if he thinks I can make the jump, he walked over and kinda eyed the distance between the carport and roof and tells me "I don't know its kinda far but why not try." So I tell me to stay there in case he has to call 911 if I fall.
I took a few steps back, ran and jumped. Well about this time is when I realized this was such a STUPID plan! I hadn't factored in that our carport is made out of tin and not very strong so when I pushed off my foot broke through and caused me to not get enough air to make it all the way across. I hit the roof at about mid waste and started to slide down the roof. Just like on the movies my fingers started to dig into the roof trying to get a grip. This is when I heard the gentleman watching me yell "holy **** are you okay?" as he is running over to catch me. He grabs my butt to stop me. I tell him I'm fine just push me back up so I can get into the window(at this point I just wanted to shoot myself, I felt SOOO embarrassed). Again this is the part when I realized I was only about 5 feet off the ground and I could have prevented this whole thing if I would have just asked the kid to boost me up when he walked out of his house. But that's beside the point so I got the window open and fell inside just in time the hear the girls that live next to and across from me talking saying "I know I was watching her out the window and just as I opened the door to yell at her she jumped!" I was so embarrassed.
I closed the window and went to check out the damage in the mirror, I had cut my cheek and chin when I hit the shingles and both were bleeding just as I was licking my wounds the door bell rang. My visiting teachers. I went down answered the door, didn't say a word about why I was bleeding and just had my lesson.
After they left I went back to the car dealer ship to meet Dave he took one look at me and just broke out in laughter( I had called him and told him what happened already). I told him to shut it and just went on about my bussiness signed the papers went home to bed and woke up the next day feeling like I had been hit by a bus.
It was a HUGE lesson I learned. To think things through before you act/jump. Now when I have kids and they do stupid things I will know what they were thinking and have no room to talk. Lesson Learned!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Kings Peak Adventure

Me and Dave with our tent

I started this blog so I could use it as my scrapbook/journal since I'm not good at either one but am good at playing on the Internet. And as I said before we have had some adventures lately that I want to make note of... like our last one hiking Kings Peak. Over Labor Day my family decided to go hiking and even though we knew it might storm we did it anyway, Wow what a mistake that was, this is what happened on Sat we hiked in about 8 miles which doesn't sound that bad but we were carrying all of our stuff so it made for a long hike plus my dad and brothers kept saying it was the hardest part (they were wrong). So we set up camp had dinner and went to bed. On Sunday we woke up to a dark gray sky with huge rain clouds we talked about going home but decided to stay, no one really wanted to throw those packs back on so we headed out of camp to climb the beast they call Kings Peak. We had been told it was 6 miles round trip from where we were camping. What a lie that was that day we walked about 10 miles. And when we were 200 yards from the peak a blizzard broke out. So we got off the mountain as fast as we could while being safe and got back to camp we were all so tired that we all just crashed. As Dave and I were laying in our tent talking about the day and just about to go to bed our tent collapsed on us, Not joking just fell on top of us. I freaked out and didn't want to move but Dave grabbed the light and peaked out to see what it was we were both shocked to see the ground covered in a white blanket of SNOW. What we thought was just rain hitting our tent was really snow that was coming down so hard that it built up and made the tent fall in on us. (As funny as this sounds it wasn't!) So for the rest of the night we had to wake up every hour and hit the sides of the tent to keep the snow off and by morning we had about 8 inches of snow that we had to hike back out in. The only good thing from this trip was finding out just how strong we really are and being able to say we did it and will never have to do it again.

Sorry this is such a long story but I wanted to have all the details so next year when my dad tries to get us to do it again I can look back and see just how fun it really was!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Eating my words

Well here we are blogging... something I said I wouldn't do until I had kids but I couldn't wait anymore. Just because in the last few weeks we have done somethings I always want to remember and what a better way to do so. So Ill try to keep this updated but its going to take awhile Im still working on learning how it works but Ill get there with help from my friend laci (Thanks girl)!