Monday, April 27, 2009


So this last weekend was Dave's 25 Birthday(the 24th) We didn't do anything way big or grand but it was fun and that's just the way he wanted it... He enjoys the simple pleasures of life like staying in and watching TV almost every night:) Not my idea of fun but anywho... we started the night with dinner his choice, Wingers. Then walked around Kohl's and Sports Authority and ended the night by renting a movie. It was his day and this what he wanted so that's just what he got!!
Plus a few presents the night before. Somehow he weaseled his way into getting them early.

His favorite present!

Okay his real favorite present, golf pass

In honor of my wonderful husbands birthday I just want to give a shout to him and my top 25 favorite things about him..
1-I know everyone thinks their husband is the Best in the world but my husband IS the best in the world for me!!
2-He completes me, he is my better half
3-He makes me laugh
4-He puts up with a lot from me
5-He supports me in everything I do
6-He is smart
7-He is a hard worker
8-He is a good singer(when he wants to be)
9-He is good with finances
10-He makes me want to be a better person
11-He is a good example to me and everyone around him
12-His testimony
13-He is good at grilling
14-He is good at anything and everything he puts his mind to
15-The way he can make me feel beautiful
16-How he is understanding when I spend a little money on myself
17-The way he can find joy in the simple pleasure of life
18-The fact that he went back to school for our families future
19-When he lets me play footie's at night with him
20-His humor (most of the time)
21-His is always in a good mood (this one is sometimes annoying)
22-He is so patient (this one is Never annoying)
23-He never complains or talks bad about anyone
24-He always puts others first
25-He loves his family specially me and he is very good at showing it(although I wont ever complaine if he were to bump it up in the romance department)
I love you Dave, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


This year for Easter my parents came into town to celebrate (lets be honest it was to see the grand babies) either way it was fun to see them, plus they brought my little sister who doesnt get to come very often so we had a really good time. On Saturday night we dyed easter eggs. I havent done this for a couple of years so I had forgot how much fun this was I think I did just as many or more than even the little kids I just couldnt stop myself. On Sunday we had a great dinner and then had our Easter eggs hunts, first we had the adults egg hunt. Yes thats right we still have egg hunts as adults and Ill tell you they only get better because the adult eggs get filled with money. Im sure it was funny watching all of us come flying out the front door and start running around like the kids do. And really I think we have just as much or more fun than the kids do. Anyway it was really fun Thanks mom, dad and gma bev for the entertainment.
After the kids got to have there hunt and I have to say it was pretty fun watching them run around also. And then of course we finished off the night with a family poker game.
But as fun as it was to spend time with the family its not the real reason for the season. Easter is to celebrate our lord and Savior. I am so grateful for the Gospel and the knowledge I get from it. I love the fact that I get to spend eternity with my family and without Jesus Christ and the sacrifice that he made for us we wouldn't be able to do any of those things. And for that I love him. Now that's a good reason to celebrate. Happy Easter!
dying our eggs

Dave and I

Jodi, Me, and Meg

hunting for eggs

Our winnings

Thursday, April 9, 2009

2 Roses for 2 Years



April 6 is such a great day besides the fact that it was the day the Gospel was restored, the priesthood was restored, and Christs Birthday! It was also our wedding day and this year we celebrated our 2 year anniversary. We went to the Olive Garden (thanks mom and dad) and then the real celebrating came we came home to watch the NCAA final game!!! Whot Whot! (for those of you that know me know how sarcastic Im being right now, Im not a big sports fan) But Dave was in charge of our anniversary so I guess I should have seen that one coming. Either way I still love him and was greatful to spend the night with him. Happy Anniversary babe I love you!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Aprils Fool + Alisha = Trouble

Were Pregnant!! Or so Dave thought.. On Wednesday when Dave got up he came into the bathroom to get in the shower and stumbled upon a positive pregnancy test. It took a min to set in and he had to double check the test a few times before he slowly set it down and walked over to me and asked if it was for real and how I felt about it. His only words were "well I guess it was meant to be" then he jumped in the shower (which was good cause I couldn't hold back my laughter much longer) It only took Dave about a 10 minute shower to figure out what was going on... when he got out he look at me and said "I know you, and I know what day it is, so you promise to me that you were the one that really took this test?" Busted!! I just started laughing and told him no. It took a few more minutes before Dave laughed at this.

For a lot of people this would have been enough for one day but I still had one trick up my sleeve. Later that night I replaced one of Dave's beloved Oreo cookies with one that was full of toothpaste so when he bit into it he got a refreshing taste of peppermint.. haha ok maybe it wasnt as refreshing as disgusting but boy was it funny to watch his face as he realized that it wasnt a normal Oreo. I love my husband so much and am so grateful that he is willing to put up with me and the ticks I pull on him.