Thursday, February 19, 2009

Call 'em like you see 'em...

So I'm sorry if my blog description offends anyone, but this is what our blog is called around our house (by Dave, I would never..) I'm always hearing... are you on the ___ blog again or my homework is more important than that___ blog so anyway I thought I would make him happy and title it accordingly so....
PS please don't think any less of my wonderful husband he is just like anyone else but has colorful words once and awhile.
PSS I am also doing something else he has wanted since I started our ___ blog... WERE GOING PRIVATE!! This wont be a fast change but I need to start getting emails so when I figure out how to switch I can.So leave me a comment with your info. Thanks!!

Valentines Day 2009!


So I haven't always been a big fan of Valentines Day but since Ive been married I think its nice to have a "special" day to show your spouse how you feel about them. So this year I was in charge of V-Day and so after Dave got off work we went to lunch at Quizno's(Dave's favorite),then went shopping with my little sister and her boyfriend and ended the night hanging out with my family... I know what your thinking not your average V-Day that's what Dave thought also. He told me I didn't set the bar very high for next year... little did he know.
On Monday I pick him up from work like usual and told him I have one more surprise and asked him to close his eyes when he opened them we were standing in the Biker Roadhouse at the Anniversary Inn. It was great he was so surprised and had to take back what he said about the bar being set for next year. We had a great time it was nice to relax and enjoy each other plus it is such a fun room it has a pool table and a pinball machine. And don't worry Dave got just what he wanted.. a Texas Longhorn blanket, and a love candy poster! We had a wonderful Valentines and a looking forward to next year when Dave is in control. Ha I'm sure he is open of suggestions if anyone has some good ones!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Busy, Busy!

Shredding the Beav, Ute Pride, Super bowl Sunday and a new little Merkely!!

So last Thursday me and a couple of friends from work headed up the mountain to refresh our mad boarding skills or should I say lack there of... either way we had a great time hanging out and visiting. By our last run we were actually feeling pretty good about our skills ;) but had to call it quits because we couldn't handle one more ride up the lift in the freezing cold wind. Either way we had a Blast and might try it again sometime.

Next I got to head down to Provo for the weekend to watch my AWESOME little sisters drill team state competition which they won, that's right your looking at the 3A State Champions! Whoot Whoot!! I am so proud of her she is a wonderful dancer and worked so hard to get where she is, she put in so many hours and sacrificed so many things so its awesome to see the pay off she gets. I love you Megan your such a Great girl!!

Plus I have to give a shout out to the DDY (Drill Dad of the year) yes my Dad got nominated the drill dad of the year for yelling and clapping the loudest, given it was award by the moms that were just sitting around us but I will 2nd that nominee he even split the skin on his hands from clapping his hands so hard and loud. He is very supportive of all of his kids and takes pride in everything we do, (both my parents do they are Wonderful) I love you guys!! Again Congrats Meg! Go UTES.

Then on Sunday when I got home we headed over to Sid (bro) and Michelle's (sis-in-law) to watch the Super Bowl we had a good time relaxing, eating, sleeping, (just me)
oh yeah and watching the game. But really lets be honest the best part of the day was the hour long episode of the office after the game. I know Sid and Michelle would have rather spent super bowl Sunday in the hospital having the baby but she held out till Tue. morning around 5 when she final had baby Brock but either way we had a good time hanging out and Congrats on the not so little guy (8 lbs 15.4oz) he is a doll!!

The cute Baby Brock..